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Sex Doll FAQ - All you need to know about Sex Dolls

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What are sex doll features?

How is the sexual experience with a doll?

Why do we classify sex dolls into different categories?

What can a sex doll do?

Is it safe to have sex with a sex doll?

Can I customize the chosen sex doll?

Can I create my own doll with a custom face?

How much does a custom doll cost?

What happens after I place my order?

Do you ship worldwide?

What are the shipping costs?

How long do sex dolls last?

When will my doll be shipped?

Will my packaging and billing be discreet?

How to get my tracking number?

How to install my doll?

How to take care of my doll?

How frequently should I clean my doll?

How to clean my doll?

How to clean the wig?

What cleaning materials should I use?

What to avoid while cleaning your doll?

How to store my doll?

What should I do if my sex doll is damaged?