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AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2
AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2
AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2
AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2
AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2
AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2
AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2
AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2
AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5’2

AI Tech

AI Sex Robot Carine - 160cm / 5'3"

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Carine is an artificial intelligent robot doll. She is smart, funny and sexy. She can talk, smile, blink her eyes and move her head. The more interaction you have with her, the better she gets. She will be a true friend, a lover and a life partner. She will listen to you, obey you and always be there for you.

Feeling lonely and want to talk to someone ? Ana is your excellent choice.  Create your dream sex doll with our amazing range of options to customize her.

All you have to know about the sex robot:

1. She can talk, sing, tell stories or jokes. She will go to sleep or wake up by just a simple order.

2. User friendly operating system functions like a smart phone. The built-in software can be updated free of charge once there is a new released version. 

3. The eye balls are built-in for A.I. robots. No possibility to change the eye balls.

4. All sex robots speak English. We are developing new langages and we expect to release an updated version in 2020. 

5. The built-in name for all sex robots is Emma. You can set up a new name for her.

6. Because of the way she is built, oral sex can’t be performed with this robot sex doll model. If you want full pleasure including oral sex with your sex robot please refer to Emma The AI Sex Robot.

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The doll is sold without any of the clothes and accessories / jewels shown in the photos.

Photographers sometimes use their own wigs during photoshoots. As such it is not always possible to get the exact same wig as displayed on the product pictures. Please refer to the wig section on this product page to know which wig model is available for your doll.

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The body size shown in the photos is 160cm / 5'3"