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Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54
Sex Doll Louisa Sino-Doll S38 - 162Cm / 54


Sex Doll Scarlett Sino-doll S38 - 162cm / 5’4”

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Scarlett, the model with face S38 from Sino-doll, is from the newest generation of sex doll. Her head and full body are made from medical grade platinum silicone, the safest material and the best one to make lifelike dolls for the ultimate sexual experiences.

Scarlett has a solid body and a fully articulated metal skeleton which allows her to reach any position a real woman can.

Introducing Pro-soft: New Improved Default Softness for All Dolls from Sino-doll

Sino-doll Ball-joint Head Connector Manual:

The new smooth painting technology minimizes light reflection and improves significantly photo shooting results by adding a matte effect to the skin. It also makes the skin very smooth and soft by minimizing the natural stickiness of silicone. Sino-doll offers a full range of premium options to customize your doll from moaning functions to virgin membranes or ultra soft vaginas to give you the most unique and realistic sexual pleasures.

  • Painted eyebrows: options are available for hair implantation
  • Bald head with wig: options are available for hair implantation (15 extra days in manufacturing time)
  • No pubic hair: options are available for hair implantation
  • R+S Effects are recommended for all Sino-doll bodies and G1, G2, G3, B1, B2, S30, S30B, S31, S32, S33, S35, S38 & S40 heads will show the best result.

    myrobotdoll.com Sino-doll R+S effect comparison
    Sino-doll S-Sino 162cmmyrobotdoll.com sino-doll 162cm body

    1. Select the body you like from the body chart above.
    2. Click on the corresponding link below to go to the chosen body.
    3. Choose Scarlett's face (S38) instead of the default one to have both the face and the body you desire.
    4. Don’t forget to choose the correct wig, skin color, eye color and lip color if you want your doll to look exactly like Scarlett.
    5. If you don't know which options to choose to make your doll look like Scarlett tell us in the order instructions: "I want my doll to look like Scarlett".

    / 152 cm / 155 cm / 158 cm / 162cm / 167cm / Torso With Big Breasts And Arms / Torso With Big Breasts No Arms / Torso With B-Cup And Arms /

    Don’t forget to visit the most complete collection of Sino-doll pre-shipment photos on our website and our dedicated Sino-doll page for more details about Sino-doll’s products and options.

    New Sino-doll moaning option

    New Sino-doll standing without bolts option

    The mouth is relatively small on Sino-doll heads. Even though the oral depth looks sufficient it will be impossible to have oral sex with Sino-doll sex dolls.

    Default Specifications

    • Brand: Sino-doll
    • Sino-doll Body: Sino-doll S-Sino 162cm
    • Sino-doll Head: S38
    • Bald head with wig (hair implantation in option)
    • No body hair (armpit, chest, abdomen and pubic)
    • Height: 162cm / 5'4”
    • Height w/o head: 149cm / 4'11”
    • Shoulders: 32cm / 1'1”
    • Arm length: 64cm / 2'1”
    • Hand length: 17cm / 6.7”
    • Net weight: 34kg / 75lb
    • Bust: 81cm / 2'8”
    • Under Bust: 61cm / 2'0”
    • Waist: 51cm / 1'8”
    • Hip: 91cm / 2'11”
    • Leg length: 94cm / 3'1”
    • Thigh girth: 51cm / 1'8”
    • Calf girth: 27cm / 10.6”
    • Foot length: 22cm / 8.7”
    • Package dimensions: 160*43*32cm
    • Flight case dimensions: 155*49*49cm

    Her Love

    • Oral depth: /
    • Anal depth: 10cm / 3.9”
    • Vaginal depth: 16cm / 6.3”


    • Head: Silicone
    • Body: Silicone

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