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Sex Doll Head Ivy TAYU Doll - 148cm D+ Cup / 4'10" In Stock China - Only one!

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Sex Doll Head ZXE206-1 Zelex Doll - 160cm / 5'3" ZX160J - Fast Delivery for USA In-Stock USA - Only one!

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A TDF listed sex doll vendor praised for its great customer service.

My Robot Doll® is the first and so far the only approved sex doll vendor on TDF from Belgium. We have a large client base in the USA and Europe and work exclusively with experienced and reliable logistics companies to deliver our products worldwide: The USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, Russia and Asia.

Our customer service is highly recommended by our clients for its responsiveness, professionalism and our willingness to go the extra mile and to propose additional premium services.

My Robot Doll® is often the first to bring new brands to the western market such as Tayu Doll or Aotume Doll and we developed a close cooperation and partnership with doll manufacturers to bring clients the best buying experience and the minimum manufacturing lead time.

All our prices are listed in US Dollar because we apply strictly the retailer price for each brand and we also accept payments in Euro at a very competitive exchange rate. Please check out our accepted payment methods page to learn about the current rate that we propose.

We only list premium, innovative and authentic sex dolls and robot sex dolls manufactured directly by original doll makers. We invite you to visit our photo sections to check the pre-shipment and customer feedback photos.

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Missing someone particular or feeling a sense of loss?

Want to have someone to talk to, to laugh with, someone particular to share your life with? You've come to the right place!

My Robot Doll provides the perfect solution for you. You can create your own doll with the face you choose and you can even create a custom face love doll with robotic features. For more information, please visit our create your sex doll with custom face page.

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