About Us: The Evolution of My Robot Doll

Thanks for visiting our website! Since its start in 2020,My Robot Doll® has been at the forefront of merging innovative trends with exceptional customer service for the western market. Our journey began with key partnerships, enabling us to introduce elite brands and exclusive features previously unavailable in the West.

Our team, driven by a deep passion for doll manufacturing and a commitment to quality, has worked closely with manufacturers to ensure every doll meets our customer’s expectations. This dedication has allowed us to cultivate lasting relationships with our clients. We provide personalized assistance and a customized purchasing experience that starts before the sale and extends far beyond. Here's a glimpse into our journey, marked by significant milestones.

My Robot Doll Timeline

      • Q1 2020
        Founded in Brussels, we start with a website exclusively focused on male sex dolls
      • Q2 2020
        Expand to female sex doll market
      • Q2 2020
        Introduce Aotume anime dolls to the western market, becoming the exclusive western vendor offering custom makeup services to realize Otaku fans' dream of a personalized anime waifu doll
      • Q3 2020
        Selected by Sino-Doll, we become one of the exclusive western vendors to launch the premium Top Sino dolls series
      • Q4 2020
        Begin to offer an exclusive tailor service for Aotume doll owners
      • Q1 2021
        Release the French version of My Robot Doll website
      • Q2 2021
        Bring TaYu dolls to the western market, which sets a new benchmark for lightweight, soft silicone high-end sex dolls for the west
      • Q3 2021
        Broaden our catalog to include torso dolls and sex toys
      • Q1 2022
        Welcome fabric dolls to our collection. The only western vendor to offer exclusive custom makeup fabric doll service
      • Q2 2022
        Add alien and monster dolls to enhance our fantasy doll collection
      • Q3 2023
        Selected by Sino-Doll once again, we become the only western vendor to launch the Soft-Max series
      • Q4 2023
        TaYu upgraded the wrist joints across all their dolls based on My Robot Doll’s customers feedback
      • Q1 2024
        The only doll vendor selected to launch the Fantasy Figure in the western market and collaboration with the American famous streamer and influencer Strawberry Tabby.

Practical Information

Feel free to let us know if you are looking for something specific and we will do our best to get you what you want. We have dedicated EU based specialists who speak English, French and Dutch to answer all your questions at support@myrobotdoll.com. Our dedicated Customer Care team is available to assist you from Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM CET (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET). We strive to respond to all queries within one working day.