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Fabric Love Dolls

Fabric Love Dolls

Fabric dolls are not industrialised and they are 100% handmade. Some tolerable imperfections should be expected. Happy dolls are essentially with cotton. Sakura Dolls only have full fabric dolls and Happy Doll has both full fabric dolls and also hybrid dolls with silicone heads and fabric bodies to meet the demand for realistic fabric dolls. 

Happy Doll Unboxing Video by Samurai Dolls, A Passionate Doll Lover!

Before going into the details you can also have a look at our dedicated blog post to learn the PROs and CONs of fabric love dolls.

You can find the measurements of Happy Doll and Sakura dolls in the table below. As of today Fabric dolls are the lightest love dolls exist in the market. They are very easy to operate and pose mainly thanks to the fact that they are extremely light. 

For Happy Dolls, we can make flat chest (A Cup) for all bodies. Therefore, there will be no silicone gel implants added to the body. 

The body of fabric dolls is mainly made of cotton and fabric. It consists multiple layers:
  • The outer skin is made of spandex fabric which is highly stretchy, smooth and soft. It is possible to change the outer skin. With some basic sewing skills you can make them look like new. 
  • Layer next to the skin is stuffed with polypropylene cotton, also known as PP cotton.
  • The chest of a happy doll is made of cotton. Silicone gel weighs from 300g (B Cup) to 1200g (E Cup) is an option and could be added / glued on top to 140cm - 168cm bodies for Happy Doll. There is no silicone gel option for Sakura dolls.
  • The chest of a Sakura doll is made of polyurethane sponge.
  • Each fabric body has a foam core that is made of polyurethane sponge. 
  • Each fabric doll is equipped with a metal skeleton posable with different joints. 

    Like TPE and silicone dolls, fabric dolls can pose thanks to the metal skeleton and joints. The metal skeleton of fabric dolls have less amount of joints and the foam core of fabric dolls is made of polyurethane sponge which is not as flexible as TPE or silicone therefore fabric dolls have less movement range and not as flexible as TPE or silicone dolls. Please refer to the movement range below to protect the fabric body and the skeleton of your fabric dolls. 

    • The neck could be moved forward and backwards within 45° but cannot be moved to the left and right. 
    • The back joint can be moved forward within 30° and cannot be bent backwards.
    • The elbows could be bent but cannot be rotated to the left and right.
    • The knees joints can be bent for all bodies and can only be rotated within 60 degree for all bodies except for 126cm body that cannot be moved.

    The default fabric heads come with a minimum amount of makeup that look like the photos above. Since the head is made of fabric, they are adjustable and it is possible to choose open eyes, closed eyes, no eyes or even one open eye and one closed eye without any constraints. 

    To enhance the realism and visual experiences, the factory makeup artists can perform custom makeup to make the fabric faces look more realistic and vivid. The makeup is 100% manual with normal washable paint and cosmetics that are not resistant to water, sweat or any kind of liquids.

    There are several custom possibilities for the eyes.
    • Factory will make by default two holes to create the eye sockets and glue a pair of eyes made of laminated photographic paper to enhance the lifelike of the face and the visual experiences from the side. Eyes cannot be moved.
    • The eyes could also be drawn and the result will look the best from the front and drawing can achieve most customisation possibilities that can't be done otherwise. 
    • For those who want to movable eyes, the factory can upgrade them using magnets so that you can adjust them slightly to create different expressions which is another big step forward for photography and realism.
    • It is now possible to embed a magnet in the mouth area and use mouth magnetic sticker to change the facial expression.

    Fabric Doll Movable Eyes Demo

    Fabric Doll Magnetic Mouth & Sticker Demo

    For anime lovers and otakus, the makeup artists accept only 1 clear portrait photo of your anime waifu and will perform the makeup manually on a best effort basis. Depending on the chosen character, the likelihood of the final result can reach from 60% to 70% of your original photo. Click on this link to review more custom makeup cases.

    If you are in pursuit of facial realism, likelihood of your anime girl and the makeup duration, we recommend you to check out Aotume dollsElsa Babe doll or IROKEBIJIN doll to create your anime waifu. Fabric dolls don't have body details or realistic body painting, if you have higher requirements on body realism, you should check out other silicone brands, such as Aotume silicone dolls or GD-Sino by Sino-doll

    Now it is possible to add realistic body drawing to your fabric dolls. When this option is chosen, body drawing will be added in different body parts. For more information, please refer to photos below. 
    Fabric dolls, both Happy Doll and Sakura Dolls use the standard M16 head connector You can connect your favourite and compatible TPE or silicone head from another brand to a fabric body to achieve the maximum visual satisfaction, easy pose and lightweight results. 
    For those who like anime fabric heads but prefer realistic soft and light silicone bodies, you can refer to the combination of a fabric head with a silicone 148cm body by TAYU Doll weighs only 19Kg. Source:  ドールCollection, Twitter: @DollCollectionY

    In terms of the love hole, the factory can sew up the hole upon request and your doll will not have sexual functions. By default the factory will provide a removable TPE insert looks like the photo below. Depending on the chosen body, the provided insert will have both anal and vaginal love holes or will only have one vaginal love hole. In any case, you can replace the insert by yourself as long as they are compatible in terms of size for the chosen body. 
    Based on the information that we gathered you can find the size of the compatible insert by body. 
    Height =< 135cm : Diameter = 6cm, Length = 13cm.
    Height > 135cm   : Diameter = 8cm, Length = 16cm.
    Since it is a removable insert you only need to clean and dry it fully after each usage. 
    Since fabric doll is made of cotton principally, water has to be avoided. In case of dirt, you can use carpet stain remover or upholstery foam cleaner to clean the surface. In case of resistant stains that are hard to be removed, you can as well replace the outer skin. With certain level of sewing skill your doll will be as new. 

    The packaging of the fabric doll is compact and very discreet. Below is what the package will look like when it arrives to your address. 

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    * Price may vary depending on different body configurations