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Gynoid Sex Dolls

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Gynoid Bodies Comparison

Gynoid Bodies Comparison

Gynoid Bodies Comparison From The Back

The chart below shows the eyes, heads and the bodies compatibility of Gynoid dolls: Dark circle is the default head and body combination. White circle is the optional combination. Without circle means the head and the body are not compatible.

If your preferred combination is not found in the product photo, you can choose the face you desire in the product option. 

Gynoid compatibility of heads with the bodies

Gynoid factory videos from Model 6 to Model 17

There are two available skin colors for Gynoid dolls: natural and pink white. Please refer to the comparison photo below.

Gynoid Tech Head Softness Demo

Gynoid Jixiang oral head demo

Gynoid only has one soft oral head with oral cavities = Jixiang head#4. The remaining heads can be made to softer but without oral cavities. Gynoid Tech wants vendors to warm the doll owners that exercising oral function could easily tear the mouth therefore damaging the face. 

Gynoid implants only synthetic hair on hard silicone head

Gynoid vagina textures and inserts

There are in total 7 different vagina textures / inserts for Gynoid Dolls.

  • Only the default insert could be customised into 4 different vagina depths: 10cm, 13cm, 15cm or 18cm. The remaining inserts have only 1 size. 
  • M10 = 12cm
  • M11 = 12cm
  • M12 = 12cm
  • M13 = 12cm
  • M14 = 11cm
  • M15 = 13cm



Gynoid hard feet option

The hard feet option by Gynoid will leave quite noticeable seam lines on both feet. 

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations