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Jiusheng-Doll / MZR Doll Sex Dolls

Jiusheng-Doll / MZR Doll Sex Dolls

Due to business decision, MZR Doll is operating under the name of Jiusheng-doll. 

Thank you for your interests in MZR Doll / Jiusheng-doll. In order to help you to find the doll and the parameters that suit you the best, we created one dedicated pre-shipment photo section for Jiusheng-doll

Jiusheng-doll / MZR Doll is headed by industry veterans: very experienced designers and sculptors who previously held leading positions at major doll brands. Their current business is mainly in China and Japan. There are very good customer reviews on Jiusheng-doll / MZR Doll. 

Jiusheng-doll movable jaw and oral demo

All heads can be made with soft heads with oral cavities. However, the movable jaw feature is only applicable to model #2 Coco, model#3 Lisa and model #28 Gabriela. 

Jiusheng-doll wired fingers

Jiusheng-doll body shapes

Their first line of dolls are hybrid love dolls : silicone heads and TPE bodies. Please find below the body shapes of the current TPE bodies:


The comparison of five TPE bodies from Jiusheng Doll.

Jiusheng-doll skin tones for TPE bodies

Currently there are two available silicone bodies from Jiusheng doll: 158E and 160E.

Jiusheng-doll hair implants

Human hair are used for hair implants. By default implants for eyebrows, upper and lower eyelashes are configured for their silicone hard heads. Adding the implanted hair, it completes the realistic lifelike look of a love doll. 

They use medical grade TPE and platinum silicone to make their dolls and all of the silicone bodies are equipped by default with the stainless metal EVO skeleton with double hinged knees and elbows to ensure the maximum flexibility.

The manufacturing lead time for all Jiusheng Dolls are on average 2 weeks. We will use our dedicated logistics companies for worldwide delivery to The USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Russia and Europe. To learn more about the delivery lead time and condition, please click on our shipping policy for more information. 

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations