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Sanhui Sex Dolls

Sanhui Sex Dolls

SANHUI is a premium innovative sex doll maker with more than 10 year experiences in silicone sex doll industry.  All their dolls are crafted with high quality medical grade platinum silicone imported from Japan, featuring a fully durable stainless steel skeleton cushioned in a soft environmentally friendly foam. All the skeletons are upgraded to the newly developed Flexi Edition Skeleton which allows for a wide range of motions similar to a human body to facilitate physical contact.

The love doll in red is equipped with the Flexi Edition Skeleton in comparison to a love doll equipped with previous metal skeleton.

The movable jaw feature enables more facial expressions, such as smile, sad, angry and so on. Head #S4Head #S5Head #8, Head #23Head #31, Head #32, Head #33 and Head #34 silicone heads as well as all TPE heads could be equipped with this feature. 

The adjustable mouth option is compatible with all AIO bodies.

Sanhui just released a new full TPE collection with 7 new TPE heads which can be equipped with movable jaw feature and new TPE bodies with possibility of new upgraded skeleton to achieve the maximum flexibility.

Below is the head summary for Sanhui:

 Below is the silicone bodies comparison for Sanhui doll: 

Below is the four different skin tones comparison for Sanhui doll: 

The texture skin is a highly recommended option for Sanhui dolls. You can find the details on the photos below. 

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations