Sanhui Sex Dolls

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SANHUI is a premium and innovative sex doll manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the silicone sex doll industry. All SANHUI dolls are crafted with high-quality medical-grade platinum silicone imported from Japan. These sex dolls feature a fully durable stainless steel skeleton cushioned in a soft, environmentally friendly foam. The skeletons are upgraded to the newly developed Flexi Edition Skeleton, which allows for a wide range of motions similar to a human body, facilitating realistic physical contact.

Sanhui Adjustable Eyelid Mechanism

My Robot Doll Sanhui 145cm All-In-One Unboxing and Review 4K

The love doll in red is equipped with the Flexi Edition Skeleton, in comparison to the love doll in blue equipped with the previous metal skeleton.

We urge doll lovers not to let their dolls maintain extreme positions for long periods of time. Over-stretching the legs can put extra pressure on the welded metal piece connecting the upper and lower body, which may snap and cause disconnection.

The movable jaw feature enables more facial expressions, such as smiling, sadness, anger, and more. Various heads such as Head #S4, Head #S5, Head #8, Head #23, Head #31, Head #32, Head #33, Head #34, and many other silicone and TPE heads can be equipped with this feature.

The adjustable mouth option is compatible with all AIO bodies.

Sanhui Articulated Finger Joints And Adjustable Palms

Sanhui Standing Without Bolts / Hard Feet Feature

Sanhui dolls also feature an innovative standing option without visible bolts, offering a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The hard feet design ensures stability and durability for posing and display purposes.

Additionally, the textured skin option is highly recommended for enhancing the realism and tactile sensation of Sanhui dolls. This feature provides a lifelike feel that greatly improves the user experience.

Sanhui Doll Texture Skin

Sanhui Heads Chart

Below is a comprehensive chart of Sanhui heads, showcasing the variety of facial features and expressions available. This allows customers to choose the perfect head that matches their preferences for their sex dolls.

Sanhui Heads Chart

Additional Features and Options

Sanhui sex dolls come with various additional features to enhance the user experience. The articulated finger joints provide realistic hand movements, adding to the overall lifelike appearance. The adjustable eyelid mechanism allows for customizable facial expressions, while the movable jaw feature offers a range of emotive possibilities, from smiling to frowning.

Our dolls are equipped with high-quality skeletons and durable materials to ensure longevity and reliability. The standing without bolts option and textured skin further contribute to the realism and usability of Sanhui dolls.

For more detailed information and to view our full range of Sanhui sex dolls, please visit our Sanhui Collection.