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Sino-doll Sex Dolls

Sino-doll Sex Dolls

Sino-doll: some of the most beautiful heads on the Silicone Sex Doll market

Sino-doll released their Top-Sino collection on the 18th of August. There are three sets of options within this collection: standard RS, extreme RRS and extreme RRS+ editions.

Standard Option Package For Sino-doll T-Sino With RS Effect Sino-doll T-Sino RS effect with standard option package

Extreme Option Package For Sino-doll T-Sino With RRS Effect Sino-doll T-Sino RRS effect with extreme option package

Extreme RRS+ facial painting and realistic oral structure by Sino-doll

The RRS+ painting as well as the oral cavity are applicable to T1, T21, T22 and T25 heads within Top Sino collection when extreme RRS+ package is chosen. The remaining Top Sino heads could be made with RS or RRS facial painting without realistic oral structure.

T21-Mikui T160 RRS+ realistic painting

T22-Miteng T164 RRS+ realistic painting

T21-Mikui T160 & T22-Miteng T164 RRS+ realistic painting

Top-Sino joints movements

Sino-doll moaning option

The 5th generation of standing without bolts by Sino-doll

In order to help you to find the doll and the parameters that suit you the best, we created the most complete pre-shipment photo section dedicated to Sino-Doll and a dedicated Sino-doll page for more details about Sino-doll’s products and options.

You will be amazed by our ultra realistic and anime silicone sex doll collection from Sino-doll, the leader of high-end silicone sex dolls with almost 10 years' experience in the industry.

Their dolls are made from medical grade platinum silicone, the safest material for the ultimate sexual experience and the best one to make lifelike realistic dolls with smooth, delicate and elastic skin. With the new technology of realistic painting, the skin looks humanlike and you can see pores, skin texture and veins.

With the technology of smooth painting, it would minimize light reflection and improve significantly photo shooting results by adding a mat effect to the skin. It also makes the skin very smooth and soft by minimizing the natural stickiness of silicone. Sino-doll offers a full range of premium options to customize your doll from moaning functions to virgin membranes or ultra soft vaginas to give you the most unique and realistic sexual pleasures. 

Their sex dolls are goddesses fallen from heaven, they are real pieces of art that required hours of manual work to be perfect for you.

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations