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TAYU Doll Sex Dolls

TAYU Doll Sex Dolls

TAYU Dolls: The Pinnacle of Extreme Sexual Pleasure and Realism


TAYU Doll stands at the forefront of the silicone doll industry as the premier creator of high-end, lifelike sex dolls. This innovative brand holds multiple patents, with their most notable achievement being the revolutionary weight reduction technology. Crafted with anatomical precision, TAYU sex dolls are often lauded by collectors for their exceptional qualities, tailored towards an immersive and intimate experience. As a leader in the field, TAYU continues to set the standard for excellence with dolls that are the epitome of both artistry and sensual design, offering the best sex dolls in the industry.

Top 10 Features of TAYU Sex Dolls

  • Functional and Durable Vaginal and Anal Holes: Perfect LHP (Love Hole Placement) and functional vaginal and anal love holes to accommodate all possible positions and fantasies, providing a truly immersive and unforgettable experience of extreme sexual pleasure.
  • Full-Body Softness: Enhanced softness throughout the entire body of the best sex dolls for a more lifelike and enjoyable experience.
  • Exceptional Realism: Detailed skin textures, pores, and subtle blood vessels that mimic human skin for a visually realistic experience.
  • Revolutionary Weight Reduction: Up to 30% to 100% lighter than other silicone dolls of the same size, making TAYU sex dolls easier to handle.
  • Advanced Oral Capabilities: Soft oral heads with a built-in tongue and functional oral depth for a realistic experience.
  • Innovative Anti-Tearing Design: Enhanced durability with a wider oral aperture and anti-tearing mouth design.
  • Tactile Moaning System: Sensory moaning system that can be paired with wireless headphones for an immersive auditory experience.
  • Articulated Finger Joints: Fully articulated finger joints with anti-dropping fingernails and anti-puncture palm technology.
  • Robust EVO Skeleton: Stainless steel and aluminum alloy skeleton with reinforced joints for durability and flexibility.
  • Realistic Face and Body Design: Meticulously crafted based on real human features for ultimate realism in appearance and touch, making TAYU dolls the best synthetic companions.

TAYU silicone sex dolls are redefining industry standards with their remarkable weight range, which is 30% to 100% lighter than other market counterparts of the same stature. The true marvel lies in TAYU's ability to ingeniously integrate this significant weight reduction with unparalleled full-body softness. For instance, the TAYU 158C+ model, even when opted with the extra soft butt feature, maintains a featherlight presence, weighing approximately 23kg without the head, and a mere 25kg with the head attached. This fusion of lightness and softness positions TAYU dolls at the pinnacle of innovation and comfort in the realm of luxury sex dolls, offering an unmatched sexual experience.

TAYU 158C+ Full Body Softness Demo - Nov 8th 2023

Default and Extra Soft Butt Comparison - TAYU 155B/I

TAYU Head Softness Options

Every TAYU oral head is meticulously crafted to include a soft, built-in tongue and is fully equipped with functional oral capabilities, featuring a 10cm depth for an authentic experience. The silicone used in TAYU's oral heads achieves a level of softness that is on par with TPE heads, ensuring a lifelike touch. However, due to this enhanced softness, the option for hair implantation is not available for the soft oral heads, preserving the integrity and the intended realism of the design.

TAYU Oral Soft Head #9 Naimei Softness Demo

TAYU's innovative anti-tearing mouth design sets a new benchmark in the silicone doll industry, offering a notably wider oral aperture compared to the standard offerings from other brands. This design not only enhances realism but also ensures greater durability. We advise doll owners to approach oral engagement with their TAYU silicone companions thoughtfully and with care, as individual physical conditions vary. Exercising caution will help to protect the integrity of your doll and ensure a lasting, damage-free experience.

TAYU Movable Jaw Compatible with Soft Oral Heads

Detailed Eye Features

TAYU dolls exhibit exquisite attention to detail with their eye features. The upper eyelashes are carefully adhered in place, while the lower lashes are meticulously implanted for a seamless look. Additionally, implanted eyebrows are a standard option, enhancing the doll's lifelike appearance. For these hair implants, TAYU utilizes high-quality synthetic fibers, ensuring durability and a natural aesthetic.

TAYU Doll Face Details

TAYU Mechanical Eyes Demo

Each TAYU silicone companion comes standard with mechanically adjustable eyes, intricately detailed with fine blood vessels for an authentic gaze. Below, you will find a demonstration by TAYU illustrating the proper technique to safely adjust the eyes. We recommend avoiding the use of fingers to directly manipulate the eyes, as this could compromise the delicate eyelashes or the fragile corners of the eyes.

TAYU Resistant Body Painting Demo

Each TAYU sex doll is expertly crafted from premium platinum silicone, ensuring a durable and lifelike experience. These dolls feature industry-leading body painting techniques that provide an incredibly realistic appearance, complete with detailed skin textures, pores, and the subtle appearance of blood vessels, mirroring the beauty of human skin. To maintain the exquisite artistry of your TAYU doll, we recommend gentle handling to minimize friction during intimate moments or when dressing your doll. Careful use is essential to preserve the intricate body paint details and extend the longevity of your doll's stunning appearance.

My Robot Doll Unboxing & Review in 2021: TAYU Doll - Head #6 + 163cm D Cup

Unboxing and Review in 2022 of the TAYU Doll 148cm Body by Photographer Mishka


TAYU Four Available Skin Tones

TAYU offers an exquisite palette of four skin tones to personalize your silicone companion. As depicted in the photo below, from left to right, the available hues include natural pink, Asian yellow, and wheat. Not pictured is the light tan option, a subsequent addition to TAYU's color range. For enthusiasts seeking added realism, there is also the option to incorporate lifelike bikini lines through our specialized body painting service, available for all skin tones.

TAYU Doll Skin Tones

Wheat Skin Tone with Bikini Lines: Head#8 Qingzhi Oral Head with 148D+ Body

Wheat Skin Tone: Head#13 Peach Oral Head with 161F Body

Wheat Skin Tone: Head#9 Naimei Oral Head with 148D+ Body

Natural Pink Skin Tone: Head#9 Naimei Oral Head with 148D+ Body

To elevate the lifelike quality of their creations, TAYU love dolls are designed with fully articulated finger joints, supple yet anti-dropping fingernails, and the latest anti-puncture palm technology. At their core, these dolls are supported by a robust EVO skeleton crafted from a blend of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, featuring reinforced joints for enhanced durability and longevity.

Below is a detailed chart showcasing the joint locations and the advised range of motion for TAYU love dolls. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial; moving your TAYU doll into positions that exceed these limits could potentially risk damage to her sophisticated skeleton or joints.

TAYU Doll Joint Movements

TAYU Proposes Two Joint Options: Standard and Loose

TAYU offers two distinct joint options to cater to individual preferences. The standard joints are designed to balance firmness and flexibility, providing a sturdy yet manageable experience that is ideal for intimate activities. This level of stiffness is user-friendly, allowing for effortless posing of your TAYU companion, a feature that sets them apart in the industry. However, for those who favor extremely rigid or challenging-to-move joints, TAYU may not align with such specific preferences.

TAYU sex dolls are renowned for being the most lightweight silicone dolls available, with their weight ranging from 19 kg to 29 kg, featuring the standard softness option. The heads of TAYU dolls are particularly light, averaging less than 2 kg, further enhancing their ease of handling and maneuverability.

TAYU Doll Body Dimension

TAYU Labia Color Comparison

TAYU Doll Labia Color Comparison

TAYU textured both the vaginal and anal canals to improve the sexual pleasures. To facilitate the cleaning and drying process, you can customize your synthetic TAYU lady with connected vaginal and anal canals as shown below. The default built-in vagina depth is 13cm for all TAYU sex dolls, and doll lovers can customize the vagina depth up to 18cm for bodies over 155cm in height.

TAYU Doll Default Vagina Texture

TAYU 148D+ Removable Vagina and Anus Demo

TAYU 155B/155I Removable Vagina Insert Installation & Removal Demo

TAYU 158D and 161F Vagina Appearance and Texture Demo

TAYU Love Hole Design for the 148cm Body

TAYU Doll 148cm Vagina Design

TAYU Standing Hard Hands and Hard Feet Demo

The hard hands and standing hard feet features are designed to provide enhanced durability to the hands and feet of all TAYU dolls equipped with these options. Opting for these features will result in a seam line at each wrist and ankle, indicative of the reinforced structure. For a clearer understanding, please consult the demonstration videos below. We encourage you to handle your TAYU doll with care and gentleness to maintain its pristine condition.

TAYU Tactile Moaning System

TAYU has innovatively integrated a sensory moaning system that enhances the user experience. This system can be seamlessly paired with wireless headphones using Bluetooth technology, allowing for an immersive and private auditory experience. Doll enthusiasts have the option to select from one of four languages for the vocalizations: English, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, tailoring the experience to their personal preference.

TAYU Head Connector Options

TAYU offers a choice between two types of head connectors to suit your preferences: the universally compatible M16 head connector and the proprietary rectangular TAYU head connector. Customization of the head connector is available directly on the product page at no additional cost, allowing for a personalized touch to your TAYU doll.

TAYU Doll Head Connector Options

TAYU 148cm M16 Connector with Larger Neck Movement Range

TAYU employs a 'push and fit' installation system that is both straightforward and efficient, seamlessly attaching their silicone heads to the bodies. In pursuit of ultimate realism, TAYU ensures flawless compatibility between all heads and bodies across their range. This meticulous design eliminates the common issue of gaps between the head and neck, freeing you from the need to find the perfect angle for photographing your love doll – because with TAYU, every angle is perfect, with no gaps to hide.

The Neck and Head Design Below is Applicable to 155cm & 163cm Bodies

TAYU Doll Accessories

Every TAYU sex doll arrives complete with an array of accessories to enhance your experience, including a silicone skin sample, a neck hook set for easy storage, and a small manual introducing the recommended movement range. As a special touch, your TAYU companion will be dressed in pink lingerie, ready to greet you upon arrival. Standard orders are securely shipped in robust cardboard packaging, with the option to upgrade to a durable flight case for additional protection during transit.

TAYU Doll Production Time

The crafting of a TAYU sex doll with standard features typically takes between 45 to 60 days, reflecting the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into each piece. TAYU dolls are not just a piece of artwork but also the best synthetic companions for an unmatched sexual experience in the industry.

The extreme realism in terms of touch and feeling, on top of the visual realism, ensures that TAYU dolls provide a superior sexual experience like no other. Having introduced you to the innovative world of TAYU, we invite you to explore the allure of their synthetic beauties further and discover why they are considered the best sex dolls available.

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations