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TAYU Doll Sex Dolls

TAYU Doll Sex Dolls

TAYU Doll / Artdoll: innovative and lightweight Silicone Sex Dolls

Tayu Logo

TAYU Doll is a high-end Chinese silicone doll maker specializing in realistic lightweight silicone dolls. They are also known as Art Doll / ArtDoll in Japan but their real name is TAYU. They are a highly innovative company owns several patents, the most famous ones being the weight reduction technology. Their dolls are anatomically correct are often described by doll collectors as more sex oriented Gynoid dolls. 

Below are the top 10 TAYU features summarized by My Robot Doll. 

So far TAYU silicone sex dolls are 30% lighter than average dolls with the same height in the market. What is more impressive is that they managed to combine the weight reduction with full body softness: a TAYU 148D+ with full body softness including the extra soft butt option weighs approximately 22Kg without the head and 24Kg with the head.

TAYU 148D+ full body softness demo

TAYU 170E breast softness demo

The softness of TAYU sex dolls will give you an impressive human lifelike touch feeling that only the high-end silicone doll makers could rival. Most of the body parts are by default made with extra softness. To indulge further the doll lovers, TAYU put in place a paid option for people who want to have the ultra soft butt. Please be aware that the ultra soft butt option will add on average 3Kg-4Kg in comparison to the default body weight of each model. To avoid butt deformation, you should put a pillow under the waist to lift the butt up for lying storage method.

TAYU default and extra soft butt comparison - 155B/I

TAYU extra soft butt softness demo - 148D+ 

TAYU extra soft butt softness demo - 170E 

TAYU head softness options

TAYU currently has 5 Asian and 1 Western silicone oral capable heads that are available & compatible for the 148 bodies, the head#9 Naimei being the all-time best seller and head#13 Peach is compatible with all heights. All the TAYU oral heads can have a built-in soft tongue and equip with oral function: oral cavities and 12cm oral depth. The TAYU oral silicone heads are comparable to TPE heads in terms of softness therefore hair implant option is not available for soft oral heads. 

TAYU oral soft head#9 Naimei softness demo

Their anti-tearing mouth design is impressive which allows relatively large oral opening comparing to average silicone oral heads from other brands in current silicone market. Since each person has different physical condition, we urge doll owners to engage oral sex with caution to prevent your TAYU silicone ladies from eventual damage. 

TAYU movable jaw compatible with soft oral heads

TAYU non-oral head softness test

It exists two kinds of softness for TAYU silicone non-oral heads. They can be customized to be extra softer to have soft and kissable lips. Hair implant options are applicable for default soft head only. Below is a video that shows you the softness comparison between the default and the extra soft head.

The upper eyelashes are glued while the lower eyelashes are implanted. The implanted eyebrow options is available for all default soft heads. Synthetic hair is used for hair implants.

TAYU mechanical eyes demo

All TAYU silicone ladies have mechanical eyes with small blood vessels by default. Please see below a demo from TAYU shows you how to move eyes safely. The best is not to user a finger to move the eyes directly because that could damage the eyelashes even the eye corner which is relatively fragile. 

All TAYU sex dolls are made of platinum silicone. They come by default with resistant and realistic body painting with advanced sealing skills in the industry. Doll owners should still take proper measures to reduce friction during the intercourse to prevent the painting from peeling off. 

TAYU resistant body painting demo

With their advanced realistic body painting technology, the skin of TAYU love dolls will have pores, blood vessels and skin textures as a real woman. Any body painting of any brand will be peeled off if the skin of your doll is under constant friction. The only way to prolong the lifetime of the body painting is to avoid or minimise the friction during the sexual act. 

My Robot Doll unboxing & review TAYU Doll: Head #6 + 163cm D cup

Unboxing and Review of the TAYU Doll 148cm body by the photographer Mishka

TAYU three available skin tones

TAYU proposes three skin colors: The photo below demonstrates from left to right, natural pink, Asian yellow and wheat skin colors. Doll lovers can also choose to add the realistic bikini lines from the body painting option. It is applicable for all three skin tones. 

Wheat skin tone with bikini lines: Head#8 Qingzhi oral head with 148D+ body, dark brown areola & labia 

Wheat skin tone: Head#13 Peach oral head with 161F body, light brown areola & labia

Wheat skin tone: Head#9 Naimei oral head with 148D+ body, dark brown areola & labia 

Natural pink skin tone: Head#9 Naimei oral head with 148D+ body, pink areola & labia

To enhance the realism of their dolls, all TAYU love dolls have articulated finger joints, soft and resistant finger nails with the most advanced anti-puncture palm technology and solid metal EVO skeleton made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy with reinforced and durable metal joints. 

Below is a chart where you can see the joints locations and the recommended movement range of TAYU love dolls. It means that when you have your TAYU doll do certain positions beyond the recommended range, you engage a risk of breaking her skeleton or joints. 

TAYU proposes two joint options: standard and loose

TAYU proposes two joint options. The standard joint options are stiff enough to pose and the level of stiffness is very good for intercourse. Folks don't need to spend too much effort in moving body parts of a TAYU lady which is also uncommon for the industry. For doll lovers who prefer to have very stiff or hard to move joints, TAYU is not suitable. 

TAYU adjusts most joints to be completely loose when loose joint option is requested. Finger joints and neck joint will however remain stiff. 

TAYU 148cm D+ body movements

TAYU sex dolls are the lightest silicone dolls in the market in comparison to love dolls with the same height. You will find below the measurements of their current silicone bodies. They weigh from 19Kg to 32Kg with default softness. For a 170 E cup body, they succeeded in limiting the weight to 32Kg while maintaining the full body softness. Please be aware weight in the table below is the body weight without the head and with the default softness option only. On average the weight of a head is 2Kg. 

TAYU Silicone body display

TAYU labia color comparison

TAYU textured both the vaginal and anal canals to improve the sexual pleasures. To facilitate the cleaning and drying process, you can customize your synthetic TAYU lady with connected vaginal and anal canal as shown below. The default built-in vagina depth is 13cm for all TAYU sex dolls and doll lovers can customize the vagina depth up to 18cm for 155cm above bodies.

TAYU 148D+ removable vagina and anus demo 

TAYU 155B removable vagina insert installation & removal demo

TAYU 158D and 161F vagina appearance and texture demo

TAYU love hole design for the 148cm body

TAYU standing hard hards and hard feet demo

TAYU released hard hands and standing hard feet feature that enables all TAYU dolls with these features to have more resistant hands and feet. A line will be present on each arm and ankle when this feature is chosen. Please refer to demo videos and photos below for more information. Please protect and be gentle with your doll. 

TAYU tactile moaning system

TAYU uses a tactile moaning system that can be connected to a wireless headphone via bluetooth and doll lovers can choose one voice / moaning language out of the four: English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese. 

TAYU head connector options

TAYU proposes two head connectors: the standard M16 head connector and the rectangular TAYU head connector. You can customize the head connector directly in the product page for free. 

TAYU 148cm M16 connector with larger neck movement range

TAYU uses the push and fit simple installation system to connect their silicone heads to the body. To push the realism to the next level, all their heads are perfectly compatible with all their bodies. You won't have to find the perfect photo shooting angle to hide the gap between the head and the neck of your love doll because there is none! 

The neck and head design below is applicable to 155cm & 163cm bodies

All TAYU sex dolls will come with different accessories such as one skin sample, a neck hook set and a user manual and you will meet your lovely girl wearing sexy lingerie at her arrival. By default TAYU uses carton packaging for transportation. Flight case is available as a paid option. 

The production lead time of TAYU dolls with default options is from 40 to 60 days. After reading our introduction about this very innovative brand, we now leave you to discover TAYU synthetic ladies. 

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations