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Zelex Doll Sex Dolls

Zelex Doll Sex Dolls

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Zelex Doll New SLE Collection

Joint Movement Range

Custom Makeup Demo: Freckles & Tan Lines

Hard Hands Vs. Soft Hands

Zelex urges doll lovers to choose hard hands for advantages mentioned below:

  1. The palms and fingers remain soft while the fingertips are hardened to avoid finger bones poking out of the skin. 
  2. The skin texture and painting for the palms are enhanced for the hard hands therefore better realism.
  3. Only articulated finger joints are available for the hard hands and they are more durable in the long run. 

Inspiration Series oral structure / body details / softness demo

The soft heads of GE07, GE17Z, GE45, GE53, GE55 and GE57Z can be made with movable jaw. 

Inspiration Series Removable Insert Demo 

Compatible with X165, 170cm and 175cm in silicone with removable vagina only.

Zelex Doll Inspiration Series Removable Labia Shape & Inner Texture

Applicable to X165, 170cm and 175cm silicone removable vagina only at the moment.

Zelex Head Softness Demo

Zelex Implanted Hair Comparison

Zelex Auto Vagina Sucking Option

This option is available on X165cm plump, 170cm and 175cm silicone bodies, compatible with fixed vagina only. Zelex will make two holes on your doll for installing the connectors when this option is chosen. 

There is a risk of physical damage using this option. By choosing it, it means you are fully aware of this risk and decide to take it at your own responsibility. No warranty or after sales for electronic system. 

How To Prepare Your Doll by Zelex Doll

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations