Finding Your Journey Back to Fabric Dolls

Finding Your Journey Back to Fabric Dolls

Finding Your Journey Back to Fabric Love Dolls

When you hear about fabric dolls do they remind you about those cute little cotton stuffed toys that you used to have when you were a child? We all had some connections or hidden feelings to a fabric doll. Do you remember that you used to bring your fabric doll everywhere in the playground and show them off to your friends. They comforted you when you were sad and stayed next to you during bedtime. They are soft, warm and easy to carry around. We all loved them and we would look for them and refuse to sleep if we didn't have them in our arms. In short, fabric dolls were indispensable for all of us during a certain period of time.

As we grew up we seemed to forget about how fabric dolls have played an important part of our lives. Today I would like to revisit fabric dolls and show you how they evolved in the current sex doll industry with a list of PROs and CONs.


    • Fabric toys are never cold. They warmed us in bed when we were little. It is the same thing with fabric love dolls. The skin to skin feeling with a fabric doll is incredible in comparison to a TPE doll or a silicone sex doll. You don’t need a heating blanket to warm your fabric dolls and they are always at the best temperature and ready to be cuddled and intimate with their owner. They are the realistic form of anime Dakimakura pillows / anime waifu body pillows.

        • Fabric love dolls weigh from 7Kg to 13Kg. A 168cm fabric doll weighs only 13Kg. A lightest TPE doll or silicone doll with equivalent height weighs 33Kg. The difference in weight is huge and the lightweight advantage of fabric dolls is unbeatable in this aspect. For people who have difficulty in handling heavy dolls, fabric dolls are definitely a top choice.

            • Propensity to coloring and stains is a common concern for silicone and TPE sex dolls. Fabric love dolls are not as sensitive to colors and you can try any color you like on them as long as they aren’t made of low quality fabrics.

                • Fabric dolls are very easy to maintain in case of stain. You can use carpet stain remover or upholstery foam cleaner to clean the surface. In case of resistant dirt that is hard to be removed, you can as well replace the outer skin, with a certain level of sewing skill your doll will look like new.

                    • The main material used to produce fabric dolls is polyurethane sponge and polypropylene cotton. For people who are allergic to TPE, fabric dolls could be a very good material. 

                        • A mold is required to produce TPE, silicone and Fabric love dolls. It is the same case for fabric doll. However fabric love dolls can be re-modeled easily according to doll lovers preferences. A painter specializing in fabric dolls can draw anything on the face based on a clear photo. For anime lovers it is one of the ways to customize your anime waifu and make them come to life.

                          Fabric Love Dolls customization possibilities

                          Fabric Love Dolls custom makeup results

                            • All fabric love dolls have M16 head connectors and they won’t react to TPE or silicone. Therefore it is very safe to connect any M16 compatible TPE or silicone head on your fabric body to get a benefit of realism and lightweight. You can as well custom make a fabric anime head and connect the head to a silicone body. There are so many cosplay possibilities with fabric dolls that you can’t find elsewhere with TPE or silicone sex dolls.

                              Fabric Love Dolls realistic results

                                • Fabric dolls are durable and their lifetime can go above silicone or TPE dolls. They can’t be damaged easily when they fall. They can stand for a long period of time without getting damaged. They are very resistant to external pressure and won’t be injured easily during transportation. Thanks to their ultra lightweight and fabric materials, the metal skeleton and the body are protected from turbulence and external shock.

                                    • Fabric dolls are easy to store. You can store them in a confined space such as your closet or store them with a pair of shoes in a standing position or simply keep them as on bed anime like Dakimakura pillows / anime waifu body pillows.

                                      Fabric Love Dolls are easy to store

                                        • You don’t need to worry that the love holes will be torn and too troublesome to clean for your fabric doll. By default they come with a removable TPE insert and it is very easy to clean and renew. You can as well buy other inserts with different textures from other brands as long as they are compatible with the love hole in size.

                                          Fabric Love Dolls inserts possibilities


                                            • Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of fabric dolls because they are made of cotton. You have to avoid water, sweat or any kind of liquids to preserve their makeup which is not resistant to water. It is also very important to protect their body and metal skeleton against humidity. Desiccant bags are filled with material that absorbs moisture. You can put some of them in the body of your fabric dolls to store them. If you find the skin of your fabric dolls needs to be cleaned, you can remove it and put it in your laundry machine once every 2-3 month and put it back on when it is fully dried. You can as well purchase a spare outer skin with your fabric doll.

                                              Fabric Love Dolls replacement skin

                                                • There is a minimum amount of makeup choice for the default fabric doll face and many find them unappealing. That being said the realism of fabric faces can be greatly enhanced thanks to the custom makeup service.

                                                  Fabric Love Dolls default face without makeup

                                                  To improve furthermore the realism of fabric dolls, silicone faces are proposed for 140cm, 160cm and 168cm fabric bodies. You can as well put other M16 compatible silicone or TPE heads on a fabric doll body to achieve the combination of realism and lightweight.

                                                  TPE head with fabrix sex doll body

                                                  The bodies of fabric dolls lack details. You will most likely find creases in the skin especially in the joints area. Nevertheless the lack of body realism could be easily hidden once they are fully dressed.

                                                  TPE head with fabrix sex doll body

                                                    • Fabric dolls can pose but you have to be aware that their metal skeleton has less joints and is less flexible in comparison to a classic TPE or silicone doll. The movement range of fabric dolls is limited in order to protect the foam core from getting torn.

                                                      Fabric Love Dolls acceptable movement range

                                                      So after a full list of PROs and CONs, what do you think about fabric love dolls? There are lots of possibilities with fabric dolls if you are willing to discover and try. Let’s see how a very experienced fabric doll lover (Twitter @DollCollectionY) cosplayed his fabric anime doll using a 148cm silicone body by TAYU Doll with a custom-made fabric doll face.

                                                      Fabric Love Dolls head with silicone body

                                                      We hope that you enjoyed the reading and have now a more comprehensive understanding of fabric love dolls 😊

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