How are celebrity and pornstar sex dolls made?

How are celebrity and pornstar sex dolls made?

What are the celebrity and pornstar sex dolls?

Celebrity sex dolls or pornstar sex dolls are becoming quite a trend these days. They are sex dolls or sex toys that look like to a celebrity or a pornstar. Sometimes it is for a certain body part, such as the ass or breasts. Most of the time, they are made in absolute likeness from face to body to those sex symbols. We all have our own idols. They can be singers, movie stars, authors, entrepreneurs or even politicians. Those famous people are difficult to reach. Owning a celebrity sex doll is somehow a dream come true.

Many doll makers introduced celebrity ass or breasts since they are relatively cheaper compared to a full-size sex dolls. Those celebrity ass or breasts are priced between $50 and $350 to reach the general public. Generally speaking, sex dolls or sex toys made from silicone are more expensive than those in TPE and silicone is lighter and more resistant to heat and dirt.

How do doll makers make a celebrity sex dolls?

1. In order to get the exact measure of the celebrity or porn star. The doll maker will invite them in order to get their precise measurements using a 3D scanner. create sex doll from a celebrity photo shoot

2. Since human bodies have imperfections. A 3-D graphic designer will make slight adjustments to make sure the best end-result of those celebrity and porn-star sex dolls and sex toys. create sex doll from a celebrity computer design

3. Before launching the mold for serial production, the sculptor and stylist will create sculptures for the face and body parts separately as prototypes for additional adjustments or adaptations. create sex doll from a celebrity create mold

4. Associating the adjusted 3D measurements and the sculptures, a serial product mold is built. The photo below shows the body mold of Lisa a TPE sex doll. create sex doll from a celebrity mold

5. Let’s check out the end product of the celebrity sex toys: ass and breasts as well as the realistic celebrity sex dolls. create sex doll from a celebrity final sex toy create sex doll from a celebrity comparison

For those, who are interested in creating a complete new sex doll with a unique face to themselves, you can visit our exclusive create the face of your dream section. We have clear instructions to show you how we follow through the entire creation process to get you a unique ass and realistic silicone sex doll.

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