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What are fake sex dolls and could they potentially cause harm?

What exactly are fake sex dolls and could they potentially cause harm?

There are many small factories tucked away in the corners of the internet, offering dolls at super attractive prices. But here's the catch: because they lack the right equipment, knowledge, or they are using cheap and even toxic materials, they are not able to produce good quality dolls. Some of these places are all about maximizing their profits, so they churn out cheap, low-quality, and sometimes downright dangerous dolls just to boost their profits. 

Some unlucky customers even found metal or sharp objects inside these cheap sex dolls. Purchasing these products can harm your body and lead to potential medical issues, which can be quite serious.

On top of that, some customers paid the original premium brand price for what they thought was a premium brand, only to end up with one of these toxic fakes. To help you avoid falling into these traps, we've put together some tips to spot the scams.


How does the scam work?

In order to survive, those small factories will start by purchasing a hot-sale genuine sex doll from an original doll maker so that they can steal the design. They replicate the doll by creating a low quality mold for making the replicas or fake sex dolls.

From a visual point of view, a well-done replica might look similar to a genuine one, but you will just feel that something is not quite right. Let's take Sara from Qita Doll as an example: they both look similar. However when you start to compare them next to each other you can see that they are different and that the fake one is clearly less charming compared to the genuine sex doll. real sex doll VS fake sex doll

Could these fake sex dolls lead to any health problems?

From a health point of view, these fake sex dolls are made from hazardous recycled TPE or toxic materials that can indeed cause serious medical conditions. They haven't undergone any quality checks or safety tests, which means they could potentially trigger some pretty serious medical issues.These counterfeit sex dolls have the potential to not only jeopardize your health but also disrupt your entire life.

When purchasing an extremely cheap sex doll (below the market price from authorized and authentic vendors), just be prepared—you might not get what you bargained for. Sometimes, what arrives might look nothing like what you saw in the picture. And believe it or not, some counterfeit sex dolls lack vaginal or anal canals altogether.

How about the legit sex dolls, are they safe?

Authentic sex dolls undergo rigorous quality control tests, and they're typically made of either TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) or silicone. These materials are completely safe for human interaction and won't pose any health risks (in fact, they might even boost your happiness!). The decision between TPE and silicone is up to the customer. You can learn more about the differences between TPE and silicone in our other blog post.

Sex dolls are designed for intimate encounters, cuddling, and physical contact. It's essential to know that genuine sex dolls are thoroughly checked to ensure there are no wires or sharp parts inside their bodies. 


So where should I AVOID buying sex dolls?

It's best to steer clear of buying sex dolls from places like AliExpress, Alibaba, Ebay, and even Amazon. These platforms are packed with fake sex dolls, tempting you with their low prices. Some sellers on AliExpress even mix genuine and fake dolls to boost their ratings initially, while hiding the negative feedback to keep the scam going.

Authentic premium brands never sell their products on these platforms. They prioritize customer intimacy, customization, and satisfaction, which is why they choose trusted vendors like My Robot Doll. It's kind of like buying a Hermes or Louis Vuitton bag – you wouldn't go to AliExpress or Ebay for that unless you were after a knockoff, right? So, always seek out reputable sellers for the genuine sex dolls, because in this case, it's not just about money; it's about your health and well-being as we have previously discussed.


Why buy from My Robot Doll?

When you buy from reputable sellers you can trust that you can easily reach out to discuss your concerns. My Robot Doll proudly stands as one of these authorized vendors, providing quality products and reliable Customer Care. 

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