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What are fake sex dolls and how to avoid the scams?

What are fake sex dolls and who are behind the scams?

There are many small corner factories producing sex dolls with very attractive price. Due to a lack of sufficient manufacturing equipments and knowledge or cheap and toxic materials used for production, they can’t produce good quality sex dolls. For some of them, they intend to produce cheap and low quality products to maximize their profits. Some customers even found metal or sharp objects inside these cheap love dolls. Purchasing these products can harm your body. Some customers paid the original premium brand price and still got those cheap and toxic fake dolls. In order to help you to recognize these scams, we invite you to read further.

How does the scam work?

In order to survive, those small factories will start by purchasing a hot-sale genuine sex doll from an original doll maker so that they can steal the design. They replicate the doll by creating a low quality mold for making the replicas or fake sex dolls. From a visual point of view, a well-done replica might look similar to a genuine one, but you will just feel that something is not quite right. Take Sara from Qita Doll as an example, they both look similar. However when you start to compare them next to each other you can see that they are different and that the fake one is clearly less charming compared to the genuine sex doll. real sex doll VS fake sex doll real sex doll VS fake sex doll

From a health point of view, these fake sex dolls are made from hazardous recycled TPE or toxic materials that can cause health problem. They do not pass any quality test or safety control. They can ruin your health and your life. So when you want to buy a cheap sex doll, expect that you will not receive a geniune doll. Sometimes you might receive something that looks completely different from the photo. Some of the fake sex dolls do not even have vaginal or anal canals.

Where should you avoid buying sex dolls?

We will definitely recommend you avoid buying sex dolls from AliExpress, Alibaba, Ebay and even Amazon. Those platforms are full of fake sex dolls to lure you with very attractive price. Some AliExpress sellers mixed authentic and fake sex dolls in order to have positive evaluations at the beginning and hid the negative ones to continue the scam. The authentic premium brands will never list their products on those platforms who specialize in selling massive quantities of identical products with few or no possibilities of customization. Premium brands value customer intimacy, customization and customer satisfaction. They will always sell their products through vendors such as My Robot Doll. It is similar to a Hermes or a Louis Vuitton bag that no one in their right mind would buy from AliExpress or Ebay unless they were looking for a replica.

Why buy from My Robot Doll?

My Robot Doll is a trusted and reliable vendor of WM, Sino-Doll, JY Doll, Iron Tech and some other premium brands. We obtained our exclusive agent rights directly from each doll maker without passing through intermediate agents in order to get you the most competitive price with premium quality sex dolls.

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Unlike many other doll vendors who are pure sellers with few or no technical knowledge on sex dolls we can give very detailed explanations on each option or product to assist you in finding the perfect fit.

Buying a sex doll is very intimate and personal. My Robot Doll offers a unique, discreet and exclusive customer service from 8H to 24H CET, from Monday to Sunday to assist you in getting the perfect sex doll. We invite you to check out our main collection page to start your love doll research.

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