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Aibei Sex Doll

Aibei Sex Doll

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AIBEI is a Chinese sex doll manufacturer specializing in TPE sex dolls and hybrid sex dolls with silicone heads. They are growing very fast and their love dolls are very diversified from realistic Asian sex dolls, ebony sex dolls, caucasian sex dolls to elf sex dolls with different custom skin color possibility. 

To increase the realism, Aibei recently released hybrid dolls with silicone heads and they developed articulated finger joints option which is very rare for TPE sex doll makers. 

All Aibei sex dolls have both heating and moaning options. The video below shows you how to use both options.  For heating option, an adaptor will come with your order. 

Great review of Duende from our client Piper Long

There are 4 principal functions for moaning system / intelligent dialogue voice system. Most of the TPE doll makers use the same moaning system :

1/ The intelligent dialogue function is off by default. To start a dialogue with your love doll, please press the switch button twice. Then you can speak the following sentences to get some simple answers from your sex doll.

  • Where do you come from ?
  • May I have your name ?
  • How old are you ? 
  • You are so beautiful !
  • What you like the best ?
  • What would you like to eat ?
  • Who do you parents do ?
  • I am in a bad mood !
  • Am I a handsome man ?
  • Do you love me ?
  • I miss you so much !
  • Let me hug you !
  • You got big boobs !
  • Let's go for a fuck !
  • Do I have a big cock ?
  • Do you want a condom ?
  • See you again ! (This is the command to turn off the voice system)

2/ There are sensors inside the breasts, thighs and the vagina. When you touch these areas or penetrate inside the vagina, it will activate the moaning system to intensify your sexual experiences with your sex doll.

3/ To turn off the voice system : 

  • You can either press the switch button twice and your sexy love doll will say "Honey, please don't go, I still want you". Then the voice system turns off as well as the indicator light.
  • Or you can say "See you again" to your sex doll and then she will repeat the same sentence "Honey, please don't go, I still want you", then the voice system will be off.

4/ The voice system will be off automatically if you don't touch your love doll nor speak to her for more than 2 minutes. 

When the indicator light keeps flashing, it means the battery is running low and you can use a USB charging cable (not included in your order) to plug it into the charge port to charge the battery. Once the indicator light turns blue, it means the battery is fully charged.

For each Aibei sex doll order, you will find an English manual that explains how to use and care for your Aibei sex doll inside the delivery carton package. 

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations