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Create The Face of Your Dream

Créez le visage de vos rêves

Missing someone particular or feeling a sense of loss? Want to have someone to talk to, laugh with, someone particular to share your life with?

My Robot Doll provides the perfect solution for you. You can create your own doll with the face you choose and you can even create a custom face artificial intelligent sex robot who can talk, sing, tell stories or jokes. She will go to sleep or wake up by just a simple order and her built-in software will be updated automatically once there is a new released version.

Below are our standard procedure for custom made face:

1. Create a head sculpture based on 3D photos. Build the facial expression based on one selected photo by customer. Build Custom Sex Doll Facial Expression

2. Create the silicone head from the sculpture. Create Custom Sex Doll Head From The Sculpture

3. Spray the paint evenly for the head to have a ultra realistic human lifelike look. Spray the paint evenly for the sex doll head to have a ultra realistic human lifelike look

4. Implant hair manually for the full head. Implant hair manually for the full custom sex doll head

5. Implant eyelashes & eyebrows manually. Implant eyelashes & eyebrows manually for the custom sex doll head.

6. Custom make up according to customer's request. Custom make up on custom sex doll head according to customer's request.

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations