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JY Doll Sex Dolls

Poupées Sexuelles De La Marque JY Doll

JY Doll: one of the most experienced Chinese Sex Doll manufacturer

JY Doll is one of the most experienced Chinese Sex Doll manufacturer and proposes a large choice of Hybrid and TPE Sex Dolls, iconic heads and many different bodies. They recently released several full silicone bodies and a torso and become one of the full silicone doll makers. 

JY Doll announced that they can produce detachable bodies and compatible metal skeletons for all their TPE and silicone-doll collections. Clients can choose either removable arms or removable legs or removable arms and legs. This is a game changer for doll lovers who have confined spaces. It facilitates the storage and the transportation of sex dolls and it becomes much more cost effective for repair or replacement of certain body parts. The model below is a JY full silicone 165cm with non-detachable arms and detachable legs. 

JY Doll Detachable Body Full Silicone 165cm

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations