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My Robot Doll x Strawberry Tabby

My Robot Doll x Strawberry Tabby

How The Collaboration Was Born

In 2023, Tabby Strawberry chose My Robot Doll to purchase her 1st life-size anime doll. She ordered a Miku doll to honor her admiration for Miku Hatsune. She was truly amazed by the craftsmanship, quality and service we delivered. Her excitement about our Miku doll sparked a conversation that blossomed into a creative collaboration. Together, we embarked on a journey to create a special offering for her fans and the doll community.

Introducing The Strawberry Tabby Sex Doll

The Strawberry Tabby sex doll features detailed faces that bring Tabby's charm to life, creating a strong bond between the Tabby sex doll and its owner.

We offer three versions to craft your ideal Tabby sex doll:

  • Standard Edition: This affordable version includes most of the premium features. The main difference is that this doll comes with a wig instead of implanted hair.
  • Premium Edition: For those who want a sex doll that looks exactly like the Tabby doll featured in our product photos, this is the best choice. It's made for realism and quality.
  • Ultimate Customization: If you want to customize your Tabby doll to make it uniquely yours, choose this option. You can personalize your sex doll in many ways such as different eye color, makeup or areola color. 

Each version is made with care to ensure every owner finds their perfect Tabby doll.

This exclusive collection showcases My Robot Doll's commitment to crafting premier dolls, offering Tabby enthusiasts a closer connection to the universe of Tabby Strawberry. For additional details, visit our blog post: My Robot Doll x Strawberry Tabby.

The average production time of a Tabby sex doll is about from 6 to 8 weeks. Upon completion of your custom Tabby love doll, we will reach out with factory photos for your approval before shipment. After receiving your go-ahead, the factory will carefully package your doll in a discreet cardboard box with foam protection, ensuring its safety during transit. The estimated delivery time to the USA is approximately 7-9 weeks following your order placement on our website.

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations