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Piper Doll Sex Dolls

Poupées Sexuelles De La Marque Piper Doll Piper Doll

Piper Doll is a premium doll maker based in China. They have designers from Japan, France and Taiwan who create comic like sex dolls such as Ariel and Jessica. All of their sex dolls are made from platinum TPE or silicone material and they use durable make up technology for all of their love dolls.

They renewed some of their most popular silicone models with lightweight solution in 2022. All weight figures are updated accordingly on each product page. 

They released articulated finger joints for their silicone dolls above and equal to 140cm in 2023 S2. Currently wired fingers are the only possibilities with their TPE dolls.

Akira remains one of their best selling dolls. You can also find the sexy cute little lingeries, outfits and shoes to dress your doll within the custom options of each product page. Being one of the best seller, Piper released also the silicone platinum version of Akira with 150cm and 160cm body.

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations