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Siliko Doll Sex Dolls

Poupées Sexuelles De La Marque Siliko Siliko Doll Sex Doll Collection

Siliko Doll uses platinum silicone to produce odorless realistic full silicone dolls. In order to have the best realistic result, they reproduce the same body thickness as of a real woman. All of their dolls are equipped with the most popular EVO metal skeleton for maximum range of movements.

All Siliko Dolls come by default with realistic body painting that shows blood vessels and skin textures, the Evo metal skeleton and jelly breasts. You will be able to witness the realistic body painting video from Siliko Doll within each product page. Siliko Doll body Siliko Doll Body Siliko Doll Vagina

In total there are three silicone bodies with 3 different body shapes. Siliko Doll Body Chart

There are 4 different skin colors. Built-in vagina is the only option for all existing silicone bodies. For the moment all Siliko heads are hard heads that can be made to softer version and we recommend hair implants to show the best realistic looking for each doll and there is no oral function for all of their current silicone heads. Siliko Doll Skin Color

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations