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WM Doll: the leading TPE Sex Doll manufacturer with its iconic JinSan factory

Find your dream doll among our WM Doll collection, today's leader on the TPE Sex Doll market with an unmatched choice of bodies and heads.

WM Doll S-TPE New Material

WM Doll Real Oral Sex (ROS) 

Now head#85, #120, #159, #198, #266, #273, #398, #400, #432, #436 and #452 listed below can be made with Real Oral Sex (ROS)

When this feature is chosen, your doll will have:

  • Realistic oral cavity  
  • Oral canal and oral depth
  • Movable jaw and realistic built-in tongue

Factory video: Head #273 Real Oral Sex (ROS) Demo

Factory video: Head #436 Real Oral Sex (ROS) Demo

WM Doll Ball Joint Articulated Hand Skeleton 3.0

Realistic body painting result on TPE

How to position your WM Doll?

How to use the teeth pack for your WM Doll?

WM Doll Chest Movement / Simulated Breathing

There are lots of fake WM dolls on the internet. To ensure that you bought an authentic WM doll you can use the unique anti-fake code on WM's website and report to WM the websites that are selling fake dolls. 

All WM Dolls bought from My Robot Doll will contain an authenticity card and the unique anti-fake code can be verified on WM's website to ensure 100% authenticity of your doll! We guarantee the best worry-free shopping experiences for all our customers.

WM Doll released a realistic body painting to show veins, pores and skin traits.

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations