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Zelex Doll Sex Dolls

Zelex Doll Sex Dolls

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Zelex is a Chinese doll manufacturer specialising in realistic TPE and silicone dolls. Below is the full silicone head.Below are the current full silicone bodies released by Zelex.


Zelex 130cm full silicone body, scale down from 170cm silicone body.

Zelex 130cm full silicone body

Zelex 170cm full silicone body

Zelex 143cm full silicone body

Zelex 155cm full silicone body


Zelex 165cm full silicone body


Zelex 167cm full silicone body


Zelex 172cm full silicone body

 Below is metal skeleton from Zelex Doll and the recommended body movement range.


Realistic custom makeup result by Zelex: small amount of freckles and tan lines.


The anus and vagina mold used for Zelex Dolls as well as the demonstration of vagina inner texture.

Zelex new articulated fingers option is now available for all silicone bodies.

Zelex Breasts/Oral/Jelly Butt Softness Demo

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations