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What causes TPE sex doll skin stains and how to remove them?

Though very durable and elastic, TPE sex doll skin is porous.  This means there are tiny holes which give him softness, but can make him vulnerable to absorbing moisture and staining. The most common reason sex dolls get stained is exposure to new dark colored fabric, or tightly fitting clothing with elastic waste bands.  

You have use specific stain removal cream to protect your doll. You can find it in our doll accessories. The most important thing is to keep your doll away from new fabrics that often have excess dye and they can seep into your dolls skin if left in contact for a long period of time. 

To remove the stain, you will need to gather the following supplies: mild detergent, cotton balls, stain remover and baby powder. Dip a cotton ball into the stain remover and apply directly to the stained area of your doll. It normally takes 3 to 5 hours for the stains to disappear, so be patient. Then clean the area with mild soapy water and dry with a clean towel. If the stain is still present, repeat the steps of the process as we described. Last but not least, please apply the baby powder on your doll to preserve his / her soft and smooth skin. 

How to repair your TPE sex doll?

Accidents can happen. If there are scratches or cuts on your doll, you need to use a specific TPE glue to repair him or her. You can find the TPE glue in our store under doll accessory section.

Remove the excessive amount of glue from your tool and apply evenly on every side of the wound. Do not use your doll within 24 hours after this operation.

Please refer to the videos below to understand how easily you can repair your doll. Your doll should look like new once all steps have been followed. 

How to repair your Silicone sex doll?