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Politique de remboursement

1. Returns & Cancelations:

1.1 Faulty Items

Please be aware that your doll might look different from the photo if you don't choose the default options such as: default skin tone, default eye color, default wig, default body...

Slight variance is to be expected on each doll. The following elements will not be considered faulty:

  • Minor skin color differences or imperfections – minor color differences and skin imperfections are quite normal on sex dolls due to the way TPE or Silicone is injected into the molds. Your doll will be unique. Skin color will also always look a bit different on a screen or on photo versus real life and depending on the light it's exposed to.

  • Mold marks - all dolls are molded which usually leaves marks at the TPE or Silicone injection point (usually at the back of the doll near the neck) and at the place where the mold is closed (usually on the side of the doll). For Silicone dolls those marks are impossible to avoid completely and to repair due to the fact that (unlike TPE dolls) heat can't be used to melt the Silicone once the doll has been molded.

  • Finger & Toe Nails – sometimes the nails on the dolls will become loose during shipping. To ensure that nails can be removed, customized and reattached easily we only use a light amount of nail glue. If you receive a doll with a loose nail simply reattach it with nail glue.

  • Eyelashes – Eyelashes can become loose during shipping. If this happens, simply use, depending on your doll, TPE or Silicone safe eyelashes glue to reattach them.

  • Nipples / Areolas – Parts of the nipples and areolas are painted manually on the dolls which can lead to slight asymmetries, differences in shapes and/or slight color differences in comparison to products or options pictures.

  • Transportation – Scuffs, creases, indentations, small cuts or bruises unfortunately happen from time to time during transportation. Those are usually caused by transporters handling the packages improperly (i.e. holding the package upside down, or vertically instead of horizontally). Unless the doll has suffered massive damage beyond repair, a repair solution will be offered in those kinds of situations. Fortunately those kinds of skin damages are easy to repair and all doll makers have prepared repair kits for those situations. Repair videos will be provided and the client will be expected to perform the repair him/herself.

  • Implants – Some doll manufacturers use human hair for their implants. As a result it can lead to small color differences between the implanted hairs.

  • Heads proportions – Doll heads almost always have fixed proportions. As a result, a particular head will look relatively bigger on smaller bodies and smaller on larger bodies. If you don’t pick the default head on the product page or a head for which product pictures are also available with the body you’ve chosen, the head to body proportions of your doll might be different from what you see on the product page. We don’t allow certain head/body combinations when we think the result will not look good: the head will look too big or too small in comparison to the body. This choice is based on a combination of our own subjective preferences, client feedback and manufacturers’ recommendations. What we deem acceptable might be different from what you deem acceptable. We deem acceptable all the head/body combinations that can be chosen on our website without manual intervention from a staff. In case you have any doubts regarding a particular head/body combination please contact us before placing your order or do some research about the combination you plan to order. We might be able to provide factory pictures of similar head/body combination. If you choose a particular head/body combination, we will assume you know what you are doing and will likely validate your order without any further warning. The risk of finding a certain head to body combination not acceptable is bigger if you pick a head for which you can find product pictures with bodies taller than 160cm with a body smaller than 150cm.

  • Neck – Unless you choose an all-in-one model there will always be a gap between the neck and the head of the doll. This gap is usually more visible when the doll is lying down.

  • Smell – New dolls can have a strong unpleasant production smell. This is especially true for TPE dolls. The doll may have to be cleaned several time to remove the smell.

  • Skeleton – Dolls metal skeletons have weak links. The thinner areas of the skeleton will break after a few months if a doll is not handled properly. Here are some guidelines to mitigate that risk:

    • Do not leave a doll for too long in a position that would make you feel uncomfortable (for instance seated and slightly leaning back).
    • Favor storing the doll in a lying position to reduce the force exerted on the skeleton.
    • If you store the doll hanging, please lower the doll until the feet are a few centimetres away from the floor. Please then put a pillow or a mattress below the feet to spread the force between the feet and the skeleton.
    • Avoid manipulating or having intercourse with the doll on hard surfaces.
    • Be extremely careful and gentle when manipulating dolls legs. Especially when joints are stiff, legs form big levers and the amount of torque exerted on the skeleton can be huge when the legs are pulled or pushed too strongly in any direction.


  • Joints – Different dolls have different levels of initial joint stiffness. Initial stiffness can sometimes be adjusted on request before a doll is produced. As time passes and as joints are being used their stiffness will change: some joints will become loser and some other may become stiffer. Using too much strength on a joint or pushing/pulling it in the wrong direction can quickly modify the stiffness of a joint and should be avoided. Please look at our videos showing how to manipulate dolls’ joints before using your doll.

  • Makeup – The facial makeup can fade in contact with oil or soap or when rubbing or kissing the doll. The makeup on fabric dolls is not water resistant.

  • Makeup differences – Best effort is made to match the doll's makeup seen on the photos when you choose the default makeup option. Be aware that since makeup is done manually by makeup artists on each individual doll the resulting makeup will always differ slightly from the one seen on the photos. Your doll will be unique. We remind you that you can request to see photos of your doll before shipping to have a final look at your doll and to validate the makeup and other esthetic features. Such a request may slightly delay the shipping of your doll.

  • Body measurements & weight variance – A large part of the production process of dolls is manual and differences between the indicated body measurements & weight on the product pages and the reality is to be expected. In our experience ± 3cm and ± 3kg on the indicated body measurements & weight is very common.

  • Standing – Most dolls are heavy and it is often very challenging to make a doll stand by itself without a third contact point. This usually requires a lot of experience, patience and a third contact point. One can use a wall, a back hook or a dedicated device as third contact point. Before making a doll stand one has to make sure that its feet are flat, ankle joints are not bent and its weight is evenly distributed on both feet. A pair of socks and shoes are highly recommended before putting it carefully on the floor. Without proper protection, uneven distribution of weight or if the doll isn’t put gently enough on the floor, the feet could be damaged.
 One should never attempt to make a doll stand if the doll doesn’t have the proper standing features: standing with bolts/caps or standing without bolts. We strongly advice against leaving dolls standing for too long. This is especially true for dolls heavier than 25kg. Most dolls should never be stored or left overnight in standing position.

  • Body painting – Body painting consists of extra layers that are applied on the doll to make it look more lifelike. Depending on the manufacturer and the way the doll is used, the extra layers will fade/peel more or less quickly. In the best case it will last a year or so for high-end skilled manufacturers or for dolls used mainly for photo & companionship. In the worst case it will only last a few days or one usage for dolls used mainly for intercourse. To preserve body painting during intercourse please use talc on the doll to reduce friction.

  • Hair implant – Implanted hair are not fixed as strongly as human hair and one has to be careful while handling those to avoid them falling. Hair should be well protected and tied during intercourse and one should never grab or pull them. To limit hair falling a wide tooth comb or tangle teezer should be used to comb the hair. With some models the weight of a smartphone will be enough to pull implanted hair out.

  • Love holes – Love holes should always be used with proper lubricant. Failure to use adequate lubrication can damage the love holes. For silicone dolls please only use water based lubricant. Silicone based lubricant can damage silicone dolls. Love hole sizes are designed to accommodate average human proportions. If you have above than average proportions you may not be able to use the love holes properly or entirely.

  • Armpits - Armpits are prone to tear. Tearing in armpit areas tend to happen to TPE dolls or when armpits are stretched too much or arms are maintained in an extreme position for a long period of time.

  • Breasts – Doll breasts can deflate after several weeks or months depending on the model, the use and the way the doll is stored. This is particularly true for silicone dolls and dolls with larger breast sizes. Different maintenance solutions are possible to restore the breasts and most manufacturers have kits specially designed to refill the breasts. Please contact us if you need to order such a kit.

  • Heating - The heating function of most dolls takes some time to warm the dolls because the heating wires are attached to the metal skeleton and it takes time to pass the warmth from the inside to the outside. Overheating could damage the TPE or Silicone and we don’t recommend leaving the heating function on consecutively for more than 30mins. In our opinion (confirmed by clients feedback) better results can be achieved by using a heating blanket to warm the surface of the doll from outside and a USB heater stick to warm the love holes. Take this option at your own risk. Issues are frequent with it and we don’t take any responsibility for malfunctions.

  • Auto-sucking vagina & electronic features - We advise against using the electronic features of dolls, specifically the automatic sucking vagina and moaning options. These features tend to malfunction, easily break, and receive negative feedback from customers. Furthermore, the automatic sucking vagina can cause serious injuries if it interacts with body parts, so use it at your own risk. We do not offer any after-sales service for the electronic options of dolls.
    If you choose to use the auto-sucking vagina, please note that it will likely render the anal canal of the doll unusable as the mechanism will block it. Additionally, it can make the vagina tighter, making it difficult or impossible for some individuals to use.

Also please read our FAQ section carefully to make sure that you won't cause damage to your doll by mistake (i.e. letting your doll exposed to heat or leaving it for too long in an incorrect position). Damage caused by user negligence is not covered.

1.2 Damaged Items

  • If you notice that your package and your doll have been seriously damaged during the shipping you have to refuse the package due to damage and file a claim immediately with the transporter. You can then ask for a return without any extra fee.

  • Upon reception of your package we kindly ask you to make an unboxing video of the doll and control that nothing is missing or damaged.

  • If you notice that your doll is damaged or some parts are missing, please file a claim immediately with the transporter and communicate the case number to us within 48 hours from receipt of your doll. We will take care of the remaining things for you. Please do not use the doll, please leave the doll in its original packaging and please don’t throw away the original packaging. In case the original packaging has been thrown away while the doll needs to be returned you will need to provide another packaging offering similar protection. By not using the doll we mean not cleaned, not stained, not powdered, not oiled and no sex whatsoever with the doll / torso / toy.

  • Depending on the severity of the damage, we can either send you a replacement of the doll, replacement parts or repair kits. You must send the doll back to us within 14 days from receipt of goods if you choose to replace your doll, for sanitary reasons we only replace unused dolls.

  • If a damage is deemed reparable, only a repair solution will be offered. Repair videos & material will be provided and the client will be expected in most cases to perform the repair him/herself.

  • Damage on the doll can be caused by mishandling such as letting your doll exposed to heat, leaving it for too long in an incorrect position or dressing your doll with certain colorful clothes that could taint the TPE. As such, without a proper unboxing video, we will have no way of knowing who is responsible for the damages.

1.3 You changed your mind / cancelation policy

After placing your order you have 24 hours to modify or cancel it without any explanation, unless the product has already been shipped. Simply send us an email at support@myrobotdoll with the reference of your order to cancel and we'll refund you immediately using the same payment method that you used to pay us.

All orders cancellation will incur a transaction fee of $100 + 7% of the order amount.

We have no stock of sex dolls, sex doll heads or sex dolls with robotic features. They are all produced on demand in our factories in China and shipped directly to you from China. Since all our dolls are produced on demand we'll wait 24 hours to give you the opportunity to change or cancel your order before launching the production.

If you want to speed up the production time you can ask us to launch the production immediately after receiving your order. If you do so, the production will be launched immediately and you won't be able to modify or cancel your order anymore.

After the 24 hours cooling off period or if you explicitly asked us to launch the production of your doll immediately, the production of your sex doll will begin and you won't be able to cancel your order anymore for any reason.

If your order has been placed choosing either Bank/Wire Transfer or PayPal Invoice in your own currency as payment method we expect you to confirm us by email within 24 hours after placing your order that you've proceed with the payment and that you agree with the proposed amount in case the payment is not done in USD and in case no foreign exchange rate has been agreed in advance.

Orders for which no confirmation of your intention of paying has been received within 24 hours or no payment has been received within 24 hours when PayPal Invoice in your own currency was chosen as payment method or no payment has been received within 4 working days when Bank/Wire Transfer was chosen as a payment method may be cancelled.

1.4 Shipping costs

You are responsible for paying the shipping costs when returning a product to us. We advise you to use a service including the tracking of your shipment and an insurance for products worth more than $800. Those shipping costs are non-refundable. Depending on where you live and the shipping method you use the time it will take for us to receive your product will vary.

If a product is returned to us due to your gross negligence (such as not picking up the product on time from the courier’s facility or providing a shipping address that doesn’t exist), your refusal to accept the package (unless it is damaged) or your refusal to pay import taxes or VAT for countries where we indicated that the customer was responsible for paying those, you will be responsible for all the product’s return shipping and handling costs incurred to us. Those costs can exceed $1000 for heavy products.

1.5 Special disclosures and returns & cancelations conditions for European clients

European clients are protected by local EU regulation when purchasing items online from traders such a My Robot Doll. Online traders such as My Robot Doll have to disclose all relevant regulations to their clients.

As per European regulation we have to provide a link from our website to the Online Dispute Resolution platform:

To save you some time you will see that under European regulation our returns & cancelations policy is basically identical to what has been described above under 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.

14 day cooling off period

In the EU you have the right to return purchases made online from traders such as My Robot Doll within 14 days for a full refund. You can do so for any reason – even if you simply changed your mind and without a justification.

The 14-day cooling off period does not apply to all purchases. The first relevant exemption being goods made to order or clearly personalised such as all the sex dolls, sex doll heads and sex dolls with robotic features that are sold by us on our website.

The second relevant exemption concerns the delivery of sealed products, which are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after the delivery.

If you've already used your sex toy, sex doll, sex doll head or sex doll with robotic features to have sex, the 14-day cooling off period will expire immediatly. Also you won't be able to ask for an exchange if your sex toy, sex doll, sex doll head or sex doll with robotic features is faulty or damaged if you've already used it.

We have no stock of sex dolls, sex doll heads or sex dolls with robotic features. They are all produced on demand in our partner factories in China and shipped directly to you from China. As a result, under European regulation, you will not be protected by the 14-day cooling off period when purchasing sex dolls, sex doll heads and sex dolls with robotic features from us.

You will still be protected by our own 24 hours cooling off period as described in 1.3 that allows you to cancel or modify your order without any explanation within 24 hours after placing your order, unless you explicitly asked us to waive that right to speed up the production process.

The cooling off period expires 14 days after the day you received your goods. If the cooling off period expires on a non-working day, your deadline is extended till the next working day.

How to cancel a purchase

As explained just above, cancelation for sex dolls, sex doll heads and sex dolls with robotic features is only possible within 24 hours after placing your order. After this 24 hours period you won't be able to cancel your order for any reason.

You must tell us that you want to cancel your purchase. It is not enough just to send the goods back. We provide you a model withdrawal form which you can use to tell us about your decision, but you don't have to use it.

You can inform us and send back your goods at the same time, for example, by adding a written statement with the goods that you are returning by post, by sending an email at support@myrobotdoll, or by completing an online returns and sending it by email at support@myrobotdoll.

You must send the goods back to us within 14 days of informing us and at your own cost. Please refer to 1.4 for more details about shipping costs.

Getting a refund

As explained just above, refund for sex dolls, sex doll heads and sex dolls with robotic features is only possible within 24 hours after placing your order. After this 24 hours period you won't be able to cancel your order for any reason.

We will give you a refund within 14 days of receiving your cancellation request. However, we will delay refunding you if we haven't received the goods.

Our refund will include any shipping charges you paid when you made your purchase. However, we will charge you delivery costs if you specifically requested non-standard delivery (such as express delivery).

Model withdrawal form

If you wish to cancel your order you can fill up this form and send it to us by email at support@myrobotdoll:

I "YOUR FIRST NAME" "YOUR FAMILY NAME" want to cancel my order number "YOUR ORDER NUMBER"

placed the "YOUR ORDER DATE" with My Robot Doll / received the "YOUR RECEPTION DATE" (choose one of the two)



2. Late or missing refunds (if applicable)

If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at

3. Exchanges (if applicable)

We only replace items if they are faulty or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at and we will arrange for the exchanges.