Bridging Art and Reality: The Creation of Miles Greenberg's Silicone Replicas for RESPAWN

Bridging Art and Reality: The Creation of Miles Greenberg's Silicone Replicas for RESPAWN

Ever thought about creating a doll replica? In this post, we share insights from our recent projects and explain how to create your own customized doll.

The charm of sex dolls transcends many boundaries, with their realism and detail making them lifelong companions and even valuable assets in the art industry. It’s easy to see why sex dolls are considered true pieces of art by so many people, with uses that go far beyond what you might initially think.

At the beginning of 2024, My Robot Doll received a very special task from the performance artist and sculptor Miles Greenberg: to create replicas of himself for a performance in the Art Gallery of Ontario on June 5th, 2024. This project exemplifies how dolls can seamlessly merge with artistic expression, proving their versatility and unique appeal.

The Performance

The performance, named RESPAWN, featured Miles Greenberg interacting with his nine silicone doll replicas for nine hours. According to his website, "RESPAWN" in gaming means to resurrect. Greenberg invokes the concept of respawning through multiple lenses: as a journey and as a way to reclaim one’s origins and ultimately rearticulate them in search of truth.

The dolls were crucial to Greenberg's message, serving as his masterpieces and tools to "RESPAWN." The performance unfolded in a captivating manner, with the dolls playing a central role in conveying Greenberg’s artistic vision.

You can view the complete collection of pictures publicly on his website here.

Creating Miles' Doll Replicas

The MRD team chose the most suitable solution for what Miles was looking for and delivered nine silicone dolls, each 5'11" tall (180 cm). For artistic purposes, we adapted these dolls as true art pieces without any sexual function. At My Robot Doll, we deliver top-notch products and services, carefully listening to what clients want and adapting our products to each client's requirements and the intended use of the doll.

Crafting Art Piece: The Process of Customized Face and Body Creation

Creating exclusive and realistic silicone dolls is both inspiring and challenging. The relationship between us and the client is crucial, requiring close communication to ensure adjustments are made efficiently. Here’s how we approach the creation of such projects to ensure successful completion:

  1. Project Kickoff and Alignment

The process begins with a video call to dive into project details, deadlines, and understand the project requirements. Once we're all on the same page and get the thumbs-up, it's go-time for doll creation!

  1. Conception Phase

We blend external research with specific pictures to kick off the face design. For the custom body, we use a full 3D Body Scan. The head and body evolve simultaneously to ensure precise proportions. 

Below, you'll find a picture of the approved doll face scan for Miles Greenberg, side by side with himself:

  1. Confirmation

Once everything is set, we send the design photo to the client for approval. After receiving their confirmation, we proceed to the mold phase for both face and body. For Greenberg’s art project, weight wasn't the primary concern; however, we always ensure that the height and proportions of the doll are accurately defined to achieve the highest level of realism.

  1. Mold Creation & Production

Crafting a mold from scratch is a time-consuming process, especially when ensuring all body details and realism are tailored to meet the client’s specifications, resulting in truly unique pieces. You can view the video and pictures below to gain a better understanding of what a doll mold looks like. Isn’t this process itself a true art form?

Every client who wishes to create a unique body or face will receive an exclusive and unique mold for their doll production.

We ensure that the client owns the copyright and authorization for all designs and molds, respecting their rights and pledging not to use any designs and molds in any commercial or non-commercial manner without their explicit consent.

  1. Factory Photos

Once the doll is ready, we send over the factory photos for approval. If any small adjustments to the makeup are needed, we ensure they are done swiftly.

In one of our most recent projects with the Streamer Strawberry Tabby, the makeup of the face was a key element to achieve realism and capture Tabby’s essence, which also had to be tested in advance. You can see an example of how the 3D design looked compared to the makeup below:

3D Design:

 Custom Make Up:

After receiving the green light, we proceed to the final stage.

  1. Timely Delivery and Secure Packaging

We deliver the doll on time, ensuring it arrives in secure and neutral packaging with proper foam protection. This allows clients to get acquainted with their new companion—perfect for whatever adventures lie ahead.

You can see in the picture below an example of one of our premium brands, TAYU, to get a glimpse of how secure doll packaging is.


Collaborating with Miles Greenberg and witnessing the impressive artwork we helped create was truly a pleasure. It is a great honor to be involved in such a groundbreaking art project, and it's inspiring to consider the countless possibilities waiting to be explored in the doll industry. My Robot Doll is committed to pioneering new paths forward. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. 

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