The Family Story of The Lin Sisters - S30s From Sino-doll

The Family Story of The Lin Sisters - S30s From Sino-doll

The family story of the Lin sisters - S30s from Sino-doll

Most of the Sino doll lovers already know that the S30 models are Sino doll's best sellers. Those pretty anime faces turned the company into a leading silicone doll manufacturer with worldwide reach.

Today I would like to take things from a different perspective. Instead of telling you wonderful things about Sino doll, let me present you the Sino Lin sisters, a fiction that has not been told yet. Sit tight and let’s start this exciting journey within the Sino Lin family.

There are five sisters within the Lin family. Due to different product release dates, many people mistook the seniority of each sister. Let's begin with the eldest one first.

1/ 凛玖玖 / Lin Jiujiu is the model S40 from Sino doll. Jiujiu is the last released Lin sister. Many people thought that she was the youngest but on the contrary she is the eldest. According to her maker she is currently 23 years old. After her master degree from the London Business School she went back to Shanghai to be with her family and her special someone. Jiujiu is a very calm and traditional Chinese girl and she tries to take good care of her sisters. Her dream is to have a loving husband and two adorable kids. She does not want a complicated life and it would not bother her to be a housewife and dedicate all of her time for her loving little family afterwards. Sino doll S40 Jiujiu

2/ 凛烟烟 / Lin Yanyan is the model S33 from Sino doll. Yanyan is in her sweet 20s. She has a firm belief in love at first sight and she's definitely a romantic girl. After watching the french movie Jeux d'enfants, she decided to go to Paris. Currently she is studying French literature at the Sorbonne University. She is very popular not just because the way she looks but also because she is a kind and caring person. She is also a fan of mangas and anime series. She is currently watching Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World and Rem is her favourite anime character. Sino doll S33 Yanyan Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Rem And Ram Dolls

3/ 凛音 / Lin Yin is the model S30 from Sino doll. This 19 years old girl is energetic and dynamic. She loves to dance, cosplay and likes to try different makeups to change her look. For those who love S30 Lin Yin, Sino doll proposes three makeup options for this little naughty creature. Sino doll S30 Liyin

For those who don't know her well, Lin Yin S30 is the first sister released within the Lin family and she became quickly one of the best selling Sino-doll girls. Due to her popularity, Sino doll even released two extra versions of her to give doll lovers more variety. S30B is Lin Yin with a slightly open mouth for a softer facial expression and S30C is her closed-eye version for the bed time. Sino doll S30 Liyin

She's also a very smart girl who studies physics at Stanford University. Her dream would be to work at spaceX and help build the first spaceship that will be send to Mars.

4/ 凛茶茶 / Lin Chacha is the model S35 from Sino doll. She is in her rebellions 18s. She is not obedient at home and she is also a little trouble maker at school. She decides that school is not her thing and she wants to go abroad to pursue her dreams like most of  her sisters. Chacha gets along the best with her sister 凛音 / Lin Yin S30, they are both outgoing and love cosplay. Chacha aims to be a top fashion designer and would love to perform in her own fashion shows. Sino doll S35 Chacha

5/ 凛羽 / Lin Yu is the model S32 from Sino doll and she is the twin sister of Chacha. Being the youngest in the family gave her lots of privileges but that did not turn her into a spoiled girl. She is a kind and sweet girl and she spends most of her spare time as a volunteer in a local nursing home to help elders and handicapped people. One of the reasons that Yu is studying alone in Japan is because she is a fan of video games and her dream is to become a video game designer for Nintendo. Her favorite games are the Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter series. Sino doll S32 Chacha

So that was in a nutshell the story of the Lin sisters. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the reading and if you are interested in checking them out you can have a look at our Sino-doll collection.

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