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Which brand offers the most custom options and what are the must-have options for your sex dolls?

Why do you need options on your sex doll?

Love dolls are very personal and intimate sex toys. Each person has very different tastes from one another. Depending on the background, the origin and sexual experiences, people can have complete opposite judgements on beauty and sexual preferences. It is impossible to propose a standard product for massive production and sell the same sex doll to everyone. That is part of the reason why those realistic sex dolls are considered as luxury goods. A sex doll is often priced between $1500 and $10 000 depending on the brand and the chosen custom options.

Which sex doll maker offers the most options?

More and more doll makers these days are offering diversified custom options to customize the sex dolls according to each individual’s preference. The majority of the custom options are free and some premium ones are priced between $100 and $600 such as hair implants or realistic face and body make-up effects. In comparison to a basic model with only default free options, the price of a sex doll fully customized could be more than doubled or even tripled for certain cases. On average, doll makers propose at least 15 custom options on female sex dolls and 10 options on male sex dolls.

Among all the doll makers, we selected the top 5 premium sex doll brands for our study. Sino-doll, who offers 26 custom options, is ranked at the first place and leaves all other doll makers far behind. JY Doll with 9 options less, obtained the second place with 17 premium custom options. Both WM Doll and IRONTECH Doll are ranked equally at the 3rd place with 14 custom options. With only 2 options less, QITA Doll is ranked at the last place with 12 custom options. which sex doll brand offers the most custom options

Sex doll options categories

1. Sexual Pleasures

Adding the orifice of the uterus or the enhanced mouth with built-in tongue improves sexual pleasure and offers an exclusive and more realistic sexual experience. Sino-doll is the only doll maker that offers the orifice of the uterus and virgin membrane options within our sample study. Both WM Doll and IRONTECH Doll offer the enhanced mouth with tongue and teeth pack for more realistic oral sex. Sino-doll sex doll 3D realistic vagina option

2. Sex Dolls Make-up Features

Sino-doll, JY DollIRONTECH Doll and QITA Doll are equipped with dedicated professional make-up artists. They accept customized make-up based on photos sent by customers. On top of this, Sino-doll uses the realistic coating technology on the face and body of their silicone sex dolls. The coating technology adds imperfections, skin textures and veins to show natural human skin features on the love dolls. The face coating feature is currently used mainly on silicone sex dollsFor the moment, TPE sex doll makers such as IRONTECH Doll proposes also realistic body coating option. Sex Doll make-up artist painting a doll's face which sex doll brand offers the most custom options Sino doll R+S effects on heads which sex doll brand offers the most custom options Sino doll R+S effects on bodies

3. Sex Dolls Eyes

All doll makers propose various eye color options. On average, 6 eye colors are available. WM Doll steps up and provides 15 different eye colors for eyes customization. which sex doll brand offers the most custom options WM Doll eyes choice

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the pupil is literally an opening into the eye. For customers who are professional sex doll photographers or who love taking photos of their love dolls, the movable eye feature proposed by Sino-doll will definitely change your life. By maintaining the same position of the eye balls you can capture different facial expressions (joy, shyness, upset, shock, contempt...) by simply moving the lenses to different angles. This feature is a must-have for all doll lovers who like to take photos of their sex dolls and would like to capture their beauty through different angles. which sex doll brand offers the most custom options Sino-doll movable eyes

For doll lovers who love movable eye features and like to dress up their love dolls with different eye colors or mix up different eye colors, Sino-doll provides 9 different eye ball colors for you to play with. which sex doll brand offers the most custom options Sino-doll movable eyes colors

4. Sex Dolls Hair Implants

Do you know that there are 106 354 hairs on Dina and 102 622 hairs on Cristina?

The final realistic touch on your love dolls to have an ultimatum human feeling are hair, eyebrow and eyelash implants. Since those hairs are added manually one by one by needle, these custom options are labor intensive and time consuming. In general, hair implants will add extra 15 days of manufacturing time for a silicone sex doll and the hair implant option is priced on average between $400 and $600 depending on the brand. which sex doll brand offers the most custom options eyebrow and hair implants

5. Sex Dolls Skin & Texture

All doll makers have different skin options. Some have more distinguished skin colors such as IRONTECH Doll. They have 6 different skin colors that capture different ethnicities and origins. Their color proportion on light tan and tan skin colors are very natural compared to many other doll makers.

6. Sex Dolls Metal Skeleton

Most of the full-sized sex dolls (>=140cm) are weighted from 25 to 40 kilos depending on the body shape and the height. How to reduce the weight of a sex doll is a headache for every doll maker. The metal skeleton is one of the major causes for this heavy weight. For the moment doll makers haven’t found the replacement material for metal to build a lighter, solid and stable skeleton. However, there was an upgraded skeleton released by all doll makers. It allows sex dolls to be moved easily and make different postures and gives more possibilities on different sexual positions thanks to their enhanced metal skeleton and the flexible joints. which sex doll brand offers the most custom options Sino-doll bodies capabilities which sex doll brand offers the most custom options metal skeleton

The ball-joint skeleton design allows the sex dolls to have a wide range of movements for sexual positions and it looks shockingly realistic from a photographic point of view. However, we want to kindly remind silicone doll lovers not to keep their sex dolls under certain extreme positions for too long since silicone sex dolls are more resistant but less flexible and elastic compared to TPE sex dolls due to their unique material characteristics. The best positions for storage are laying them flat on a cushion or hanging them straight to avoid skin deformation. which sex doll brand offers the most custom options skeleton comparison


Furthermore, IRONTECH Doll has confirmed to My Robot Doll that they will release an enhanced hand feature in one month with finger knuckles and full finger articulations to push the realistic level of sex dolls to the next level. We are impatient to test this new feature and will definitely share this exciting news in our blog once the option is available on our website.

We hope that you enjoyed our blog and understand better now what are the must-have options and how you can create a sex doll that fits you the best. Those who love to have custom features should definitely check out our Sino-doll collection to start their journey searching for their dream love doll.

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