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Aotume Doll Anime Dolls

Aotume Doll Anime Dolls

Yes, yes and yes for one more time. Let me introduce you Aotume Doll, the only anime doll maker in town that can re-produce our dream anime characters by using custom make up, custom eyes, wigs and cosplay. You can choose an anime doll within the existing collection page or create your own anime Aotume doll

Aotume Doll Mouvements

Aotume Eyes Change

Aotume Articulated Finger Joints

Please see below the procedures for how to create an anime Aotume doll. 

1. Choose one body within the current available body shapes.   

Aotume Doll 135cm

  • 135 AA
  • 135 AA Slim
  • 135 G

Aotume Doll 145cm

  • 145 B
  • 145 D

Aotume Doll 155cm

  • 155 F
  • 155 H

2. Define a compatible anime head with a body. 

3. Before launching the production, a computer simulation of the entire facial result of your anime doll will be presented to you. Aotume doll will custom the eyes and the make up based on the photo you've chosen. Once this result is validated, the production will be launched and the average production lead time is from 10 to 15 days. 

4. Depending on the chosen head and the body, Aotume doll can restore on average 80% of the anime character thanks to their personalized make up. The full replication of the anime character by using making up is unlikely since there will always be differences in make up, wig colors, head and body shape and etc. There is no additional custom fees if you choose an existing custom doll. The result in general looks like below photos: 

5. We provide premium tailor service for your anime doll to restore your anime character to the maximum level ! Below are the outfits that we made according to our customer's requests. 

6. You can find below some customers feedback photos. You are welcome to share yours with us !!!

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* Price may vary depending on different body configurations