Aotume Doll Anime Dolls

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Aotume Doll Anime Dolls

Yes, yes, and yes for one more time. Let us introduce you to Aotume Doll, the premier custom anime doll maker that can customize your dream anime characters using custom makeup, custom eyes, wigs, and cosplay outfits. Choose from our existing Aotume anime doll collection with various facial expressions shown below or create your own custom anime Aotume doll.

Aotume Doll Anime Expressions

Aotume Dolls are available in both medical-grade TPE and platinum silicone. At My Robot Doll, we have imported several Aotume dolls in the past and certify that Aotume produces absolutely remarkable and premium quality anime dolls.

Aotume 155C Full Silicone vs. Full TPE

Aotume 135G Realism TPE vs. Silicone: TPE << Silicone

Aotume 155F Full TPE Demo & Softness Test

Aotume 135 Slim Full Silicone Demo & Softness Test

Makeup Durability Technology Demo

Aotume Doll Skeleton & Joint Movements

Aotume Resistant Articulated Metal Finger Joints

The articulated finger joints of Aotume dolls are made of metal with 20 movable joints, providing more resistance than the wired fingers made of double copper wires.

Aotume Doll Finger Joints

Aotume Doll Articulated Finger Joints

Ball-Joint M16 Screw

Aotume released a new M16 ball-joint screw that allows more natural head movement. This screw is a paid option and will only come with your doll when chosen.

Aotume Doll New Ball-Joint Screw

Auto-sucking vagina

Aotume released the auto-sucking vagina for their silicone bodies only. This feature enhances the sexual experience by providing stronger suction and a more enveloping sensation.

How to Create an Anime Aotume Doll

1. Choose a body shape from the available options. All silicone bodies come with realistic body painting by default, and there is no body painting option for TPE bodies.

Aotume Doll 105cm 

  • 105 AA: No sexual function = Display and companionship only.

Aotume Doll 135cm

  • 135 AA
  • 135 AA Slim
  • 135 B
  • 135 G

Aotume Doll 135B Comparison

Aotume Doll 135G Comparison

Aotume Doll 142cm

  • 142 Male

Aotume Doll 142 Male Comparison

Aotume Doll 145cm

  • 145 B
  • 145 D

Aotume Doll 145B Comparison Aotume Doll 145D Comparison

Aotume Doll 155cm

  • 155 C
  • 155 F
  • 155 H

Aotume Doll 155C Comparison Aotume Doll 155F Comparison Aotume Doll 155H Comparison

The body measurements are the same for both TPE and silicone bodies. There is a small difference in weight, and there is no anal tunnel for silicone bodies except for the male silicone body.

Aotume Dolls Body Specifications

2. We will define an existing compatible anime head that suits your chosen body. If there's any incompatibility, we will propose adjustments. Only with your agreement will we proceed further.

3. Before starting production, we will present a makeup simulation of the facial result for your anime doll. Aotume will customize the eyes and makeup based on your chosen photo. Once you validate this result, production will begin, with an average lead time of 30 days.

Aotume Doll Custom Zero2

4. Depending on the anime character, Aotume can generally restore 80% of the character thanks to their personalized makeup. A complete replication is unlikely due to differences in wig color, style, eyes, head or body shape, and manual makeup differences. There are no additional custom fees if you choose an existing doll. The final result typically looks like below:

Aotume Doll Custom Makeup Cases Aotume Doll Custom Makeup Cases 2

5. You can't have an anime doll without her outfit. Anime dolls have inhuman body shapes that normal cosplay outfits won't fit. Don't worry! Our premium tailor service can custom-make outfits for your anime dolls, helping you restore your anime character to the maximum level! Below are the dress-up photos:

Aotume Doll Tailor Service

6. Click the link to see photos shared by our customers. You are welcome to share photos of your anime waifu with us too.

7. Things you don’t feel like asking? Watch this video and you'll see. Happy dollmoon :)

Watch this video after receiving your Aotume anime doll

This collection is perfect for anime doll lovers and those in search of creating their ideal anime waifus or husbandos. Aotume is the only doll maker that can do custom anime characters, offering both hentai sex dolls and other premium anime dolls.