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My Robot Doll x Strawberry Tabby

Introducing the Strawberry Tabby Doll

We are pleased to share an upcoming marvel in our collection: the Strawberry Tabby Sex Doll, embodying exclusivity, beauty, and craftsmanship! This collaboration did not happen by chance. It is rooted in a shared vision and an extraordinary backstory. Here is a little spoiler: It all began with her passion for our beloved Miku Hatsune Aotome Anime Doll (And how could anyone resist her, right? 🩵). Keep reading to discover the essence of this unique and cute creation and the inspiration behind it.

Who Is Strawberry Tabby 🍓?

Strawberry Tabby is an acclaimed American influencer and streamer known for her striking sleek black hair and hourglass figure, born in November 2002, making her 21 years of age. Her passion for anime is evident in her vast collection of anime figures and her active engagement in video gaming and social media circles. Gaining fame on TikTok at 19, Tabby's vibrant personality, dance and creative content propelled her into the spotlight. Her authenticity, cuteness and captivating online presence have made her popular with a broad audience, showcasing her unique Tabby style 🤩.

As a Twitch streamer, her broadcast room is beautifully adorned with Miku dolls and all kinds of figures, reflecting her profound admiration for Miku Hatsune and the otaku world. You can also follow her on Twitter and YouTube


How Did This Collaboration Begin?

Our collaboration with Strawberry Tabby commenced in early 2023, ignited by her interest in a life-size Miku Hatsune doll. She anonymously ordered a Miku Hatsune 4'9'' (145cm) Doll from My Robot Doll and was truly amazed by the craftsmanship, quality and service we delivered. Inspired by this encounter, Tabby reached out to us in late 2023, leading to a collaboration founded on mutual values and doll enthusiasm. Our mutual goal was to create something exceptional for her followers and the doll lovers' community at large. 

Tabby is not just a famous Twitch streamer; she is genuinely passionate about anime dolls and figures. Here is a picture of Tabby and her 4'9" Miku together. A big thank you to Tabby for sharing her passion for our Miku doll! We absolutely adore this duo.

The Essence of the Strawberry Tabby Doll

Crafted with detailed 3D design, the Strawberry Tabby Sex Doll captures Tabby's unique charm and beauty with remarkable precision. We aimed to produce a doll that not only reflects Tabby's attractive features and physical characteristics but also her spirit and vibrant energy. This design philosophy ensures owners develop a deep bond with this special edition, offering an authentic representation of Tabby's essence.

What Will Be the Available Versions for Crafting Your Ideal Tabby Doll?

  • Standard Edition: A more affordable option featuring her most detailed attributes, including a wig.
  • Premium Edition: The perfect choice for those who want a replica of the Tabby Doll shown in our product images, featuring implanted hair for a focus on realism and quality. 
  • Ultimate Customization: Opt for this variant to personalize your Tabby Doll distinctively. This option allows extensive customization to ensure your doll is truly unique.
Below is a table that compares objectively the available options so you can already start thinking in our decision. 


Are you New to The Doll Universe?

If you're not familiar with these terms, don't worry! We've got you covered. Here is a brief list of the main 'vocabulary' you need to know:

  • TPE (short for Thermoplastic Elastomer) and Hard Silicone: These

    are the materials used to craft your Tabby Doll, each with its own unique properties. We've combined the best of both worlds for Strawberry Tabby: the detailed Hard Silicone head and the TPE body, ideal for a tactile and intimate experience. To learn more about TPE, please refer to the image below. This will help you make an informed decision about your purchase and give you an idea of what to expect from your new doll.



  • Implanted Hair: Instead of coming with a default wig, your Tabby doll will not only have the implanted eyebrows, and eyelashes (default in all options), but also hair manually implanted strand by strand into her scalp, resulting in an even more realistic and lifelike appearance.
  • Implanted Eyebrows and Eyelashes: As previously mentioned, all these features will be included in all versions. 
  • Gel Filled Breasts: This default feature comes in all versions, and enhances the softness of the breasts. This will provide you a divine and soft sensation when holding and playing with Tabby's bust.
  • Realistic Body Painting: The meticulous detailing of the skin that captures all the human-like characteristics. This enables an elevation of the doll to transcend from the 'ordinary' to a lifelike representation of the human body.
  • EVO Skeleton, Shrugging Shoulders, and Articulated Finger Joints: These features are available for all versions. The EVO Skeleton represents one of the latest advancements in the doll industry. These three features are bundled together because the EVO skeleton enables the dolls to have increased mobility and flexibility, allowing you to try different positions. 
  • Feet: You have two options to choose from:
    • Standing feet with bolts: These bolts allow her to stand with an external support.
    • Regular feet without bolts: She will not be able to stand, but the feet will appear more realistic without bolts.

When is the Release Date?

The launch of the Strawberry Tabby Doll is scheduled for early April 2024, which is less than a month away!

Collaborating with Tabby means a lot to us. Her passion for dolls warms our hearts and raises our anticipation for this partnership. We're eagerly awaiting the public's response and seeing Tabby interact with her lovely Strawberry Tabby in the Twitch Livestreams!

Ordering Process

The production of a Tabby doll typically spans 6 to 8 weeks. Upon completion, we provide factory photos for your approval before dispatch. Following your confirmation, your doll is securely packaged in a discreet cardboard box with foam protection, ready for shipment. The estimated delivery time frame to the USA is 7-9 weeks after placing your order on our website.

Stay abreast of further announcements and the countdown to ensure you secure your Strawberry Tabby doll, a symbol of unique charm and sophistication for your collection.

You can check our general ordering process here: 

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