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February Promotions

 Dear customer, welcome to My Robot Doll online store, please find below our promotion of the month !

Please leave the free option or items that you want in the customer's note section and we will process it for your order.  

1/ Zelex Doll: See banner below.

Silicone bodies only

  • Free EVO skeleton
  • Free gel breasts
  • Free realistic body painting
  • Free articulated finger joints with silicone bodies
  • Free electronic sucking vagina (compatible models only)
  • Free gel-filled butt (compatible models only)
  • Free standing without bolts option
  • Free movable jaw with realistic oral structure (compatible models only)
  • Free implanted pubic hair
  • Free lace eye mask

TPE bodies + Silicone Head only

  • Free movable jaw with realistic oral structure (compatible models only)
  • Free articulated finger joints
  • Free realistic body painting and add-on body options
  • Free evo skeleton
  • Free gel breasts
  • Free lingerie
  • Free standing with bolts

Zelex December Banner

2/ SE Doll: See banners below.

Full TPE Dolls

  • Free Gel-filled Breasts
  • Free Fixed Tongue
  • Free Articulated Fingers (150cm+)
  • Free Lubricant Free Vagina
  • Free Head Stand
  • Free Hanging Hook Kit
  • Free Extra Random Wig & Skirt

Full Silicone Dolls

  • Free Gel Breast
  • Free Evo Skeleton
  • Free Articulated Fingers
  • Free Head Stand
  • Free Hard Feet & Hard Hands
  • Free Realistic Body Painting
  • Free Ros Mouth (not available for head #76 & #79)

3/ Starpery:

Starpery Valentine's Day Promotion (February 1st to March 31st)

  1. The first 50 buyers enjoy a free second head
  2. Free implanted synthetic hair
  3. Free full movable eyes with veins
  4. Free soft gel breasts
  5. Free realistic body painting
  6. Free articulated finger bones
  7. Free hard feet for silicone dolls
  8. Free random wig and hook

4/ JY Doll: Free platinum TPE and free built-in fixed cervix.

5/ Elsa Babe: Please refer to the promo banner below.

Elsa Babe Banner

Promotional Period: 2024.02.01 - 2024.02.29

🎉 For Silicone Dolls: Unlock the Vault of Pleasure: Price Reduced on Love's Treasures! 🎉

Embrace the bounty - Choose any two of five packages and ignite the spark of ecstasy! 🔥

But wait, there's more! Become a bard of bliss by sharing a snapshot of your joyous journey with our darling dolls - and behold, a bonus head awaits to double your tales of euphoria! 📸🎁

Come forth, seekers of rapture, your chariot to Cloud Nine departs now with a discount ticket in hand!

Choose Your Joy with Our Super Value Packages: Pick 2

  • Package A: Duang Duang jelly buttocks – delight in the playful bounce.
  • Package B: Experience extra softness – a gentle touch for tender moments.
  • Package C: Giant dual-cavities masturbator (small one for 102/90cm dolls) – versatile for all your whimsical wishes.
  • Package D: 2 extra inserts (Choose three from five exciting cavities) – customize your pleasure with a variety of stimulating textures.
  • Package E: Standing without bolts option – elegance and ease combined.

Treasure Trove of Gifts: Receive enchanting gifts with each package:

  • A lustrous wig, shimmering with the mystery of winter's eve.
  • Two pairs of designer eyes, mirroring the depth of wintry tales.
  • An exquisite outfit, capturing the essence of winter elegance – a blend of warmth and style.
  • A durable doll head stand, ensuring elegant and secure display.

Act Fast! These delights are as ephemeral as a snowflake’s descent – available on a first-come, first-served basis!

🌟 The Carnival of Cuddles is not over – Grab the Deals that Dare to Delight! 🌟

    li>When you purchase any 125cm or 148cm dolls, not only will you enjoy the thrill of getting a free head after sharing photos of your doll, but you'll also have the opportunity to customize the makeup and eyes to your preference. Feel free to apply any makeup style you desire!
  • Upon purchasing any 150cm doll, you're entitled to receive an extra head at no cost following the sharing of doll photos, plus the movable chin and eyes customization as an additional bonus.
  • With any 160cm & 165cm doll, you're entitled to receive two extra heads at no cost following the sharing of doll photos, plus the standing without bolts feature as an additional bonus.
  • For those who choose any 160cm doll with three breasts made of silicone, we offer two extra heads for free after you share two sets of photos featuring your doll, and as an added delight, you also get the jelly buttocks and articulated fingers features.
  • Note that sharing each set of photos must include more than 12 images.
  • Additionally, the complimentary gift head can be swapped out for customized clothing or any official outfit of your choice.
  • Please be aware that dolls measuring 90cm and 102cm are not eligible for the photo-sharing activity and associated rewards.

The Best Part? This fiesta of fun doesn’t exclude anyone – except, well, those who don’t participate. So, dive into the Vault of Pleasure and let the joy jump into your arms!

Warning: Side effects of these deals may include excessive smiling, an urge to share photos, and an insatiable appetite for doll dress-up. Proceed with glee!

6/ WM Doll:

  1. Free 2nd TPE Head
  2. Free Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton 3.0 (Doll ≥ 140cm)
  3. Free built-in tongue
  4. Free Gel Breasts
  5. Free Realistic Body Painting
  6. Free Standing Feet
  7. Free Extra Wig (random)
  8. Free Sway-Pivot Adaptor


FUNWEST Promo Banner

  • Free Gel Breasts
  • Free Built-in Tongue
  • Free Evo skeleton
  • Free Random Wig
  • Free Standing Feet

8/ JK Doll:

  • Free 2nd TPE Head
  • Free Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton 3.0 (Doll ≥ 140cm)
  • Free built-in tongue
  • Free Gel Breasts
  • Free Realistic Body Painting
  • Free Standing Feet
  • Free Extra Wig (random)
  • Free Sway-Pivot Adaptor

9/ Angel Kiss:

  • Free Second Head (Either Silicone ROS #198 or #266 or #273)
  • Free Gel Breasts
  • Free Realistic Body Painting
  • Free Extra Wig (random)
  • Free Sway-Pivot Adaptor

Angel Kiss January 2024 Promo Banner


  1. FREE Realistic Head Painting
  2. FREE Body Painting
  3. FREE Articulated Fingers
  4. FREE Hard Hands
  5. FREE Implanted Pubic Hair
  6. FREE Gel Breast
  7. FREE Ultra Soft Inner Vagina
  8. FREE Ultra Soft Inner Thighs
  9. FREE Ultra Soft Butt
  10. FREE Standing Feet Without Bolts