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July Promotions

 Dear customer, welcome to My Robot Doll online store, please find below our promotion of the month !

Please leave the free option or items that you want in the customer's note section and we will process it for your order.  

1/ Zelex Doll: Free 2nd head for the purchase of a full silicone doll.

2/ SE Doll: See banner below.

3/ XYcolo: Free implanted eyebrows and eyelashes for one head + free extra head. Not cumulative with other promotions.

4/ TAYU: Free implanted eyebrows. 

5/ Starpery

  • Free 2nd Head
  • Free articulated finger joints
  • Free implanted synthetic hair on 1 head
  • Free soft head with oral cavities
  • Free implanted eyebrow and eyelashes 
  • Free movable eyes 
  • Free jelly breasts
  • Free gear skeleton 
  • Free shrugging shoulder
  • Free standing feet
  • Free small freckles 
  • Free realistic body painting, free blue veins, free moles 
  • Free tan lines

6/ JY Doll: Free platinum TPE and free built-in fixed cervix.

7/ Siliko: Free hard hand, hard feet and ultra soft butt. 

8/ Elsa Babe: Free masturbator, free gift, free 2nd head etc. Condition refer to the promo banner as below.

9/ Irontech: Promotion applicable only to TPE bodies. Please refer to the promo banner below for more details. 

10/ FUNWEST Doll: Free 2nd TPE head.  

Enjoy shopping at My Robot Doll!