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Electronic Hanging Bracket
Electronic Hanging Bracket By Sino-Doll Accessory
Electronic Hanging Bracket By Sino-Doll Accessory
Electronic Hanging Bracket By Sino-Doll Accessory
Electronic Hanging Bracket By Sino-Doll Accessory

My Robot Doll

Electronic Hanging Bracket

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This is an electronic hanging bracket. The height of the bracket can be adjusted using the remote control coming with the hanging bracket or you can do it directly on the device. This bracket will help doll lovers to take photos of different postures without risking the love doll from falling. 

You will however need to have a back hook or a neck hook to be able to use this device. Depending on the destination country, an adapter will be needed.

We thank you for the photos taken by @Geena Top-Sino from Twitter and the beautiful Top Sino T3 on these photos will not come with the bracket. You can click on the link to check her out

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