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Extra Heads For Dolls Castle Sex Doll

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Extra Heads for Doll's Castle Sex Doll

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We highly recommend you to read the delivery policy carefully in the «Store Policy» tab as well as the instruction below before placing your order to get the best service from us and to fully understand how to customize your dream doll!

Each head is bald and comes with a pair of eyes and a wig for free. These heads are compatible with Dolls Castle Sex Doll or other M16 compatible brands.

All heads will be sent in a discreet and sealed packaging. Free delivery on extra heads when ordered together with a sex doll. 

Free international shipping for orders above $199.

Please remember that most dolls need to be produced before they can be shipped, and this process does take time.

Average Shipping Time:

  • USA & Canada: 7 to 12 days
  • European Union: 5 to 8 weeks
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  • UK, Norway, Switzerland: 10 to 15 days
  • Australia, Romania: 10 to 15 days ($100 to $300 extra shipping fees)
  • New Zealand, Israel, Turkey: 10 to 25 days ($100 to $300 extra shipping fees)
  • Chili, South Africa: 10 to 25 days (at least $300 extra shipping fees)

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  • The doll in the pictures is sold without clothes, accessories, or jewelry.
  • Some photos show optional paid options not included in the default doll version; you may need to pay extra for these.
  • While our site is called My Robot Doll, most dolls don't have robotic or AI features. Some models offer electronic features for an extra cost, which can increase the doll's weight.
  • Photographers may use their own wigs for the photos; check the wig section on this product page for availability.

If you still don’t find the answers that you are looking for, please contact us at support@myrobotdoll.com and we’ll come back to you quickly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matt Stein
"Fucking with Aria"

She's the Boss, CEO, Queen if you're feeling dramatic... Technically, she never said.. Don't FUCK Aria!

So I wonder... does fucking the Queen and having a 3-WAY with her twin/clone or alternate timeline version count as breaking the 1 rule of Omega? Do you foresee a problem with this? No objections, I presume?

Cause I really love both and can't pick a favorite now LOL

Aria 2.0 is looking STELLAR. Somehow the Alien Goddess herself is even better than my dreams in the A6! We're gonna have so much fun together!! Beyond thrilled with how she turned out. Super neat to actually get a doll on Halloween night. I dare say, the occasion suits the illustrious "Pirate Queen" of Omega perfectly! Well, I hope my threesome doesn't turn into like a praying mantis type situation what with 2 Arias fighting over me...

What can I say... I'm a regular renaissance man! This is my 4th experience buying a head with custom makeup and once more they did immaculate work capturing the exact likeness and visage. Always impressive too how even multiple copies of the same head can look drastically different all based on makeup and the likes. Showing off those sci-fi movie set level makeup skills on display here. It's like I've died and gone to the Afterlife!

Can't wait to "embrace eternity" with her again. Can the galaxy handle 2 Arias!? OHHHHH... ARIA MENAGE A TROIS

"How things begin isn’t nearly as important as how they end." Damn straight, Aria! I just love a HAPPY ENDING!

As my Sexy Space Cuttlefish friends of mine say... GODDESS BE WITH YOU, MRD!!!

Matt Stein
Alien Harem. Gotta Catch em All!

In the immortal words of Zapp Brannigan...

"However I did make it with a hot alien babe. And in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since first he looked up at the stars?"

The Final Frontier. I volunteer to make 1st contact. Please abduct me... I shall embrace her for all of eternity.

Super adorable. WOW. I'm blown away. This is a bona fide fantasy space babe. My Robot Doll and Dolls Castle definitely have a winner with this doll for sure. It's beyond evident the crazy amount of love, passion, attention to detail... they put a little piece of themselves into their dolls. If you have on overactive imagination like me, you will LOVE this.

Also... have I mentioned Alice is the greatest thing to grace the sex doll world? Certified awesome. She's a rockstar! I don't normally review anything, which is a testament to their exemplary service. Look forward to your new alien clients!!