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Real-looking and Anime Sex Dolls Review: Comparison between Sino-Doll (Top-Sino), TAYU, Aotume, WM and Starpery

Looking for the best life-sized sex dolls? Our blog post features a comprehensive video review of top brands: Sino-Doll, TAYU, Aotume, WM, and Starpery. Discover detailed insights on their realistic qualities, materials, and user experiences. Our detailed analysis will provide you with an in-depth look at each sex doll brand's offerings.

Part 1: We present you 7 heads from 6 different brands with different configurations and material. You can see the detail of the facial makeup, head softness, weights and some visual comparison. The brands that appear in this video are:

  • TAYU Doll Head#7 Ivy default head (silicone) without oral function. TAYU released Head#9 Naimei soft head with 13cm oral depth with oral cavity
  • Starpery Hedy default head (silicone). All Starpery heads could be made with soft silicone with oral depths and cavities
  • Sino-doll TopSino T1 Miyou head with RS painting (silicone). No oral function for Top-Sino
  • Sino-doll TopSino T3 Miya head with RRS painting (silicone). No oral function for Top-Sino
  • WM Doll Head#78 (TPE). Very soft and suitable for oral function
  • Aotume anime Megumin head (TPE). No oral depth for all heads from this brand
  • Jiusheng doll head#2 Yoyo / Coco (silicone). All Jiusheng heads could be made with soft silicone with oral depths and cavities

Part-2: We present you 3 bodies from 3 different brands with general presentation of body parts and body painting as well as certified weight information by My Robot Doll:

  • Sino-doll 159cm RS body painting (silicone): 35.2kg
  • TAYU Doll 155cm B Cup (silicone): 25.0kg
  • Starpery 159cm body with weight reduction (TPE): 28.4kg

Part-3: We present you the beautiful waifus corner, where you can have a general view of 4 full size dolls from 4 different doll makers:

We hope this review helps you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect waifu for your needs!

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  • Oscar

    Excellent customer service! And really great quality of what you pay for. It was mind-blowing when i opened the package and put together the product, the doll is so realistic and really well made.Alice was very helpful and and kept me informed every step of the way. It’s customer service like this that makes me feel valued as a customer,with that said I say kudos to you Alice and the team at mydollrobot for a job well done! Thank you!!

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