Introducing MZR Doll, The Hottest New Brand Everyone Is Talking About

Introducing MZR Doll, The Hottest New Brand Everyone Is Talking About

Thank you for your interests in MZR Doll. We've received many requests by email and on twitter. In order to help you to find the doll and the parameters that suit you the best, we created one dedicated pre-shipment photo section for MZR Doll

MZR Doll is a relatively new Chinese doll maker founded in late 2019. The company is headed by industry veterans: very experienced designers and sculptors who previously held leading positions at major doll brands. Their current business is mainly in China and Japan. There are very good customer reviews on MZR Doll. My Robot Doll is the mandated agent of MZR Doll for overseas market outside China and Japan.

Their first line of dolls are hybrid love dolls : silicone hard heads and TPE bodies. The current 4 TPE bodies are Asian natural slim shape. 150cm and 160cm are the most popular body shapes in Asia.

In June 2020, MZR upgraded their collection and released 3 premium silicone bodies together with 3 new silicone heads. This new collection adds more variety of the body shapes and consolidate their premium silicone doll maker position in Asia.

163cm is big breasts and BBW shape (33Kg / 73Lbs) and 166cm is big breasts with slim body shape (30Kg / 66Lbs)

Below is the BBW body shape with giant breasts for 162cm (38Kg / 84Lbs) made from platinum silicone as well. For the moment this body is not yet released in Chinese and Japanese market and it is proposed only to overseas on My Robot Doll

As requested, please find below the table that contains the dimensions of the three new silicone bodies

All the silicone bodies are by default with soft heads, jelly breasts, ultra soft vagina, ultra soft inner thighs and ultra soft butts. Moaning with Asian soft voices is a paid option can be added to all silicone bodies. For the moment there is only 1 natural white color proposed to 3 new soft silicone heads and silicone bodies. Due to minor color differences, we recommend not to mix the previous silicone heads with the new bodies. If you want to proceed the mix, you can check out the last photo of the dedicated photo section (Head #6 + silicone 163cm body)

MZR Doll makes very realistic silicone dolls and they developed realistic body paintings to demonstrate body textures and blood vessels on the body, the hands and the feet, especially for the silicone bodies.

All their dolls (except for Head#1 with fixed eyes due to the shape of her eyes) are equipped with mechanical movable eyes and there are small lifelike blood vessels inside each eye to show the extreme realism and human traits. There are five eye colors available on My Robot Doll: Deep Blue, Brown, Sky Blue, Purple and Green, of which Sky Blue, Purple and Green are not available on Asian market and only on My Robot Doll.

Human hair are used for hair implants. MZR Doll proposes implants for hair, eyebrows, upper and lower eyelashes which complete the realistic lifelike look of their love dolls. We recommend hair implants for hard heads (#1 - #7). Head #8 - #10 are soft heads not suitable for hair implants but can perform oral.   

They use medical degree TPE and platinum silicone to make their dolls and all of the silicone bodies are equipped by default with the stainless metal EVO skeleton with double hinged knees and elbows to ensure the maximum flexibility.

The manufacturing lead time for all MZR Dolls are on average from 10 to 15 days. My Robot Doll only accept orders for overseas market outside China and Japan. We will use our dedicated logistics companies for worldwide delivery to The USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Russia and Europe. To learn more about the delivery lead time and condition, please click on our shipping policy for more information. 

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