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Create Your Male Sex Doll
Create Your Male Sex Doll
Create Your Male Sex Doll
Create Your Male Sex Doll
Create Your Male Sex Doll

Créez votre poupée sexuelle masculine

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Thanks for visiting sexuelle’s page! We highly recommend you to read the delivery policy carefully in the «Store Policy» tab as well as the instruction below before placing your order to get the best service from us and to fully understand how to customize your dream boy!

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Option tenir debout gratuite + 1 pair d'yeux et 1 perruque supplémentaire.

sexuelle is a new generation sex doll featuring a unique combination of a soft and safe TPE SexFlesh body and an ultra-realistic medical-grade TPE head. He is a manly beast with a sexy muscular wolverine body and mesmerizing eyes. He has a handsome rugged bad-boy face with kissable lips, a great tight chest and a juicy round booty. This gorgeous man has a hard (always ready) penis for action, as well as anal and oral canals for intense sexual pleasure. He has a solid body and a fully articulated metal skeleton which allows him to reach any position a real man can and a lot more than a man cannot. He has soft lifelike skin, great legs and beautiful sexy eyes. This gorgeous man is currently single and wants real passion from a loving partner.

Fancy to create your own male sex doll and make him just for you ?

My Robot Doll provides the best value for money solution

Below are the procedures: 

1. Choose a sexy body within the current existing collection to lower your budget.

2. We recommend all custom face using TPE to preserve its unique softness and lifelike feeling. 

3. Send us the photos of the face you want to customize and you can have her in your bedroom in 30 days !

4. Choose 1 photo for face expression.

5. If you have any additional request, feel free to write to us.


    1.  In order to capture all the traits and create the exact same doll, we recommend you to send us the 3D photos for the head. If not possible, please send us the high definition photos capture as many angle as possible to

    2. Since it is a new creation, the lead time for production will be 30 days. We will send you the actual photos of your doll before shipping for any adjustment or modification.

    3. Please keep in mind that your doll might look different from photos you sent to us depending on the options that you choose (ex. skin tone, eye ball color etc.). In order to have the best similarity, we recommend you to choose the options match with the photo that you sent to us.

    Attention! Les vêtements ne sont pas fournis avec la poupée.

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    Livraison internationale gratuite.

    Nous vous fournissons sur demande les photos de votre poupée avant l’expédition.

    Délai de livraison moyen:

    • UE, Royaume-Uni, Norvège, Suisse: 25 jours (délais Covid)
    • États-Unis & Canada: 7 à 12 jours
    • Japon, Singapour, Taïwan: 5 à 8 jours
    • Australie & Nouvelle-Zélande: 10 à 15 jours

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